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Moroccan Tagine August 18, 2009

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I made this recipe (from my cookbook Vegan with a Vengeance) tonight, and boy, was it yummy!  Plus, it made tons of leftovers for lunches for tomorrow (my kind of meal!).  And if anyone can tell me how to pronounce “Tagine,” bonus points!!!  I’ve just been calling it Moroccan Stew to save myself the embarrassment.  :)

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5 Responses to “Moroccan Tagine”

  1. I think my stepbrother has that cookbook and loves it! We also use Vegan Cupcakes Takes Over the World and can I just say I’ve never had a better cupcake in all my life? Wowza! My daughter is allergic to dairy, so this is the first time in her life she’s been able to have cake!


  2. tranabanana Says:

    One of my favorite cookbooks, although I haven’t tried that recipe yet. Will have to give it a go one of these days.

  3. Christine Says:

    I soooo want to get one of those! The recipes look so fantastic! Every time I mention this the hubs just rolls his eyes and makes some smart alec remark about where it will go in my already overstuffed kitchen. But a girl can dream! I dream of a tagine! “Ta-zheen” is how I’ve heard it pronounced in the fancy kitchen stores my husband has to drag me out of when I get a little too excited about the prospect of lentil and lamb stew in a funny looking dish!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    I reviewed the recipe and it looks great. I will have to try it in clay tagine instead of stock pot and see how it comes out. Thanks for bringing the recipe and the cook book to my attention I am always on the look out for good vegetarian recipes.

  5. D.N Howard Says:

    Tagine=Taj ( soft j as in taj mahal) + een (as in green) accent on the first syllable.

    TAJ-een (I have heard it with the accent on the first syllable but more often on the second.)

    Delicious recipe!

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