Silly Baby. Trix are for kids!

While rushing around trying to get ready for dance lessons the other night, I propped Anja up against a body pillow on my bed (always unmade), thinking that she would be fine spending a little time wooing the wall-hanging (she loves cooing at inanimate objects). I ran into the bathroom and peed, popped back out to check on her, only to find her face down on the sheets, arms straight back at her sides, with her little head stuck up as high as she could get it. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but I quickly uprighted her and placed her in her reclined position against the body pillow, this time better surrounded by some covers. After wetting my toothbrush, I returned. She was slumping in the opposite direction this time, slowly, involuntarily inching her way toward the quilt. I watched, fully aware that I should be helping her. But it was too funny! Her eyes got very big and her mouth made a little “O” as she slid the last few inches face down into the covers. Of course Mom came immediately to the rescue, but not without some hearty laughs.


Not a proud moment in my short mommy history, but definitely a laugh-worthy one. Lesson learned: don’t assume 2-month-olds are immobile. That’s how she rolls.


2 thoughts on “Silly Baby. Trix are for kids!

  1. Hi Heidi! My oldest was a very content, not-so-mobile child. The next two … wow, could they move fast!! I envied my friend whose baby, the same age as my youngest, would just lay on the bed and look. David had already fallen off the couch and the bed by that point. Yeah, we got ‘parent of the year’ awards for that. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the pancakes, and I look forward to checking out your blog! Congrats on the baby … aren’t they great? 🙂

    ~Brea, the tinymama

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