Must OD on the CTC

I have made it a point to indulge in some of “life’s luxuries” before my daughter is old enough to recollect me doing so. Is this bad mommying? Probably. But I just can’t give up things like sugar cereal and hot mama shoes.

Speaking of sugar cereal, I didn’t actually consider it a luxury until I got old enough to sleep over at friends’ houses. We had it all the time. Here’s a little “taste” of what I mean:

My sleepover
Heidi’s mom: “Would you like Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles?”
Other kid (thinking): Sweet MERcy! SUGAR for breakfast!

Other kid’s sleepover
Other kid’s mom: “Would you like All Bran or Puffed Rice?”
Heidi (thinking): What is this “bran” she speaks of? What is “rice”?

BARF. While Anja will probably be given similar options as the “other kid’s mom” gave on a daily basis, I think Mommy will heroically pull out her private stash of Reese’s Puffs for tiny visitors. Send ‘em home on a sugar high, that’s what I say. I want to be the “cool mom.” However, once Anja’s tall enough to see the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the top of the pantry, I may have to find another way to pamper myself.


One thought on “Must OD on the CTC

  1. I think Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a luxary too! I sometimes take a handful in the afternoon without any milk on it. Yummy.

    It’s fun to be the cool mom. I recommend finding some dazzling recipes like puffy pancakes or something that they’ll talk about long after the sleepover.

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