I’m thankful for…

  • Jesus
  • Books
  • My husband
  • My daughter
  • Blankets (one in particular)
  • Christmas music
  • Food (namely cookies)
  • “Dancing with the Stars”
  • Disposable diapers
  • Good friends who still like me
  • Two good eyes
  • Ribbons and glitter
  • Cookies (did I mention them already?)

 I wanted to write something more in-depth, but it got late…


5 thoughts on “I’m thankful for…

  1. I’m rather thankful for cookies, too. Oh, how I love them … 🙂

    Glad the pancakes turned out well. I’ll have to try them with the regular whole wheat flour. Usually, the only thing I use plain whole wheat for is my bread (which is amazing!); I use the pastry flour for everything else. Have you ever used whole wheat pastry flour?

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!
    In Christ,

  2. Oh my! I am in Blog-Heaven here!! 🙂 Huey, I had a blast catching up on the posts you have up; keep it up!! I’m laughing and enjoying your updates and anecdotes on life.
    Love you!

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