It’s the most wonderful time…

Today was an exciting day for Anja. She got her first glimpse of a Christmas tree, all lit up!


Today was also an exciting day for my husband and me. You see, just as I was swaddling Anja up to put her to bed, I heard a colossal crash from the living room. I knew exactly what it was and screamed, “(Insert Husband’s name)!”

Every year since we got married, he has complained about having to put up a real tree. This year was the exception! We picked one out quickly, got it set up quickly…all seemed to be going smoothly. Until tonight at a little after 10:00. Sure enough, the tree toppled over.

We purchased a new tree stand last year to hold a larger tree (taking advantage of our new cathedral ceilings) and had a bugger of a time getting the tree to stay steady and straight in it. Apparently we did an even worse job this year, since the stupid thing fell over half a day after we put it up. Thankfully, Goodwill had been unwilling to take our old tree stand (seasonal items don’t sell well, I guess), so we had that as a back-up.

We spent over an hour transferring it, cleaning up shattered glass, needles, water and dirt (it overturned a potted plant as it fell). That said, the accident caused far less damage than it could have. It could have landed on one of us! I think next year I may sincerely consider my husband’s idea of getting an artificial tree. I’ve had a real one for as long as I can remember, but for safety and sanity’s sake, it might be worth it to go fake.


2 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time…

  1. Yeah… that happened to us the year we got a real one. We now have a nice, cheap fake one. It doesn’t look or smell as good as a real one, but it takes 3 minutes to put up and never falls!
    Of course, I grew up with a fake tree, so I’m used to that. I think it’s harder for somebody who grew up with a real tree to convert to fake than the other way around.


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