DWTS Withdrawal

My favorite show, “Dancing with the Stars,” is over for the season. I am sad.

Unlike a lot of other people, I was not disappointed that Helio Castroneves won. Sabrina and Mel were both better all-around dancers, but he was really pretty good, too. It was primarily his personality that won me over. Not exactly what I expected from an IndyCar driver. The week after his Rumba, he had this side-splitting quote, which I watched OVER and OVER, “Now, I’ve loosened up my moves, and with my Castroneves smiles, I do hope I have better scores.” Maybe you had to see the rest of the season to find it as funny as I did, but I think it’s worth a view, at any rate.

Week 6 Dance – Cha Cha

Isn’t he just darling?


3 thoughts on “DWTS Withdrawal

  1. We are experiencing the same thing here! One of my teenagers was rooting for Helio, the other for Jenny. Last time my husband watched (last season) he thought someone’s outfit looked like a burrito wrapper. My 7 year old dances around for a long time after one of the shows. She’s so dramatic. Her older sisters dance a lot at swing dancing clubs and they help her out with her dips.

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