Happy Feet

Actually, Happy Face. I’m one of the only women I know…

…who practices making awful and/or funny faces in the mirror. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I think most women practice looking good in the mirror. My friend, Hibby, is well-known for her ability to always look fabulously posed (well, except this one time). She’s so photogenic! Meanwhile, I’ve always got an awkward arm, or I’m turning my head the wrong way. So I figure, why not go with that? Be even MORE awkward. OBVIOUSLY awkward. Here’s a small sampling of a session I had the other night in the hallway (ignore the yucky spots on my mirror–baby fingerprints!):




And here’s my favorite from my New Year’s party last year:


Stunning, eh?


8 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. This talent of yours will put you in good stead as your precious daughter grows up and you can just look at her with one of those faces instead of using words. Thanks for the laugh! BTW — Kelly Jean is really good at making funny faces too! She always makes me laugh when she does. A sense of humor is so important in life — learning to laugh at ourselves too!

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  4. I also practice making weird &/or disturbing faces in the mirror. Nick and I have done that for a long time:) It makes me happy.

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