What’s in a name?

DH and I are both primarily Swedish by heritage.  We first heard the name Aine (Irish spelling, I believe) watching some pioneer series they aired on PBS.  Years later we found that there is a Swedish spelling, and we both fell in love with the name.  While Anja is a little more common ‘round these parts than Aine, we still get many mispronunciations, the most common being “Ann-yuh” and “Ahn-juh.”  It is, in fact, pronounced “Ahn-yuh,” for the record.  The poor dear will be correcting people for most of her life, I’m afraid, but she’ll be correcting them on her last name, anyway, so it’s not like we added too much to her woes.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I love her name. Just beautiful sounding.

    If you have not seen Sweet Land, I think you would at least like the beautiful filming and scenery.
    (Some people think the movie is extremely slow….but the music and scenery just took my breath away.)


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