Char-ascaria (Churrascaria)

My friend Charlie (also my most frequent commenter!!!) told me awhile ago about a place he visited in Dallas (I think…it was Dallas, wasn’t it, Char?), TX called Fogo de Chao. Well, guess what’s come to Minneapolis, boy!

What would totally ruin my surprise here is if you already knew that and you’ve already been there.

Anyway, for the rest of you peeps, I’m going to recount what I can remember of what Charlie told me about this place. And then he can come on here and correct me in the comments. The sequence of events goes kind of like this:

1. Enter Fogo de Chao.

2. Be seated.

3. Get a colored chip (think poker chip only bigger), green on one side and red on the other.

4. Green means GO and red means STOP.

5. Green and red signal MEAT GUYS (MGs…in Brazil we called them Gauchos. But here those are funny pants.).

6. You flip your chip to green. MGs come at you, one after another, with giant slabs of meat. You say “yay” or “nay” depending on if the kind of meat they bring suits your fancy (there’s like 157 kinds of meat, including haggis. No, not really.). The MGs keep coming with meat until you turn your chip to red (remember, red means STOP the flow of meat).

7. You eat and eat and eat and drink some wine (since work is paying, right?), and you eat and eat some more.

8. You belch politely and turn your chip to GREEN.

9. Repeat steps 6 and 7.

10. You order dessert (not me, but Charlie did!).

11. You laugh uncontrollably because your belly is so full that it’s causing toxicity of the brain.

12. You eat dessert.

13. You pay an exorbitant amount of money (flat rate) for the exorbitant amount of meat you ate.

14. You roll home.


10 thoughts on “Char-ascaria (Churrascaria)

  1. Ok – your surprise is only half ruined. Actually, I’d say one third ruined. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know it would be here so soon, and I haven’t been there yet!

    I’m impressed at how well you remember the routine. A few follow-up comments:
    – They called them gauchos, too.
    – They had a “salad bar” to hit first. This bar had salad, fish, chicken, cheese, and all sorts of things that could be meals in themselves.
    – The meat they brought around was on big skewers that they roasted it on. Depending on how cooked you wanted it, they sliced off a different piece directly onto your plate!
    – Supposedly ordering a dessert is a must, if it’s the passion-fruit smoothie. It’s supposed to help you digest the 15 lbs of meat that you just ate. I was glad I had it. Of course, if I had to pay the tab I probably wouldn’t have ordered it.
    Awesome that it’s here! I’d consider going again sometime just for the experience.

  2. how wierd..never heard of it and probably won’t ever get thre to try husband farms so we Never leave home!! but sounds neat I’ll have to tell my Niece about it and send her!!

  3. You know there’s a place called Bacana over here that does that too. Yes, men seem to really love that place. Gee, all that meat, how could you not?

    We went and I told my husband I wanted our server boy to quit his job and be my pool boy. We don’t have a pool! heehee.

    LOVE your blog lady.

  4. Pool boy. Funny! You know, though, that’s the thing with Brazilian men. I worked on 3 different college campuses while I was there, and I only met ONE guy who I would consider attractive. Maybe all the good-looking ones work at churrascarias in the US.

  5. Brazillian boys? My 18-year old daughter wants to know if they were sporting “Spirit” by Antonio Banderas? She L-O-V-E-S that smell — makes her crazy!

    My hubby would enjoy the experience, as would my father-in-law. It think we girls would join them just for the experience.

    Sounds like great fun!


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