Blogger comes around…or not.

Nice to see that Gmail had pity on those fools (like me) who opted for a non-Blogger account. Do you know how frustrating it’s been to comment these past couple of weeks on all my friends’ Blogspot sites? Typing in “Heidi (” every time got really, really old. Who’s going to visit my blog if they have to copy and paste my URL? Ugh. I guess the masses must have complained LOUD and LONG enough that the Empire that is Google decided they would allow lowlies (like me) a space to put their URL. Nice. Thanks, Empire.

I still really like Google and use it on a daily basis. In fact, I think I once said they should rightfully rule the world…so I guess I can’t really blame them for trying.


Okay, I’m back 5 minutes later to complain. Turns out that Google just puts that little URL spot in there to pacify people like me. I type it in, thinking it will link to my site, when, in actuality, it just collapses my comment. I’m back to my parentheses and hoping that my Blogger friends will have the patience and fortitude it takes to copy and paste. Sigh…


6 thoughts on “Blogger comes around…or not.

  1. Have no fear! Patience abounds … or is it ‘love abides’? Hmmmm … so many things to ponder. 🙂

    Hope your cinnamon rolls turn out well. Let me know how it goes! The Vit C is not necessary to make the bread, it just helps keeps the bread soft when it’s humid outside. Like when you live in Texas and it’s an event when the humidity drops below 60% and your skin freaks out and you turn into a lizard because you’re so used to the air being completely saturated with moisture.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas! God bless!!

    ~Brea, the tinymama

  2. Funny you should post about this, because as I was trying to get back to you all I could do was play hide and seek with your comment! hehehehehe

    If it makes you feel any better, we get to do the same here! : )~ But it is so much easier to comment on your blog!

    My husband has now decided we need to add “sir” to the front of any name for the pup since he is a “welsh” corgi. hehehehehe. I cannot get him to make up his mind, although he did like “Sir Captain” and “Sir Timmy” (both from your names). Unfortunately he hates “Blazer”, so we are getting no where slowly!

    Merry Christmas MINNESOTA friends!

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