Fun Winter-y Things in Minnesota

Oh my gosh. I thought I posted this weeks ago. Bummer. Here it is, a little late:

1) Holidazzle Parade*

2) St. Paul Winter Carnival (and ICE PALACE!!!)

Yes, we’re that nuts.

3) Snow (not everyone has this, you know). I can’t imagine having never seen a “white Christmas”!**

4) Hockey (like 1 of every 3 people play…it’s ridiculous)

5) Dayton’s Marshall Field’s Macy’s Christmas Display (this is supposedly the last year for it…bummer…)

6) This year…Figure Skating Championships!!!

I’m sure there’s much more. I’m just too lazy to write about them all. What makes your state great in the winter?


*As a complete side note, my friend Amy and I were at the Holidazzle this past weekend. The parade was about to begin, and we decided to run across the street to get a better spot out of the wind. About 2/3 the way across I hit a seam in the concrete with my toe and stumbled a bit. My other foot shot out to catch me, only to hit the same blasted piece of concrete. In complete slow motion, my knees hit the pavement, followed by the rest of me. Flat. On. My. Face. My purse flew out of my hands. Amy turned around and, laughing, said, “Are you alright? I shouldn’t be laughing, but I just turned and was like—where’d she go?” Yup. I was okay. Pride hurt more than anything. I don’t think I’ve had an all-out flat-on-my-face fall since I was about 7. Call me Grace. Guess those dancing lessons (where I’m supposedly learning balance and poise) are a big waste of money. By the way, the next day I had a huge bruise. Normally I’d be mad having that at this time of year, but since starting a blog, injuries have become much more fun. Kind of like a trophy! Because you’re laughing with me, right? Not at me.

**Please forgive my nonparallel structure.



11 thoughts on “Fun Winter-y Things in Minnesota

  1. Oh how I miss some of those things! Growing up in Edina, we were in the epicenter of all the “winter-y” festivities! Living in SW MN in farm country for the past 5 years I have missed out on some of my old fav’s:

    Winter Carnival
    8th Floor at the old Daytons
    Holiday Windows on Marquette and Nicollet
    Guthrie Theater’s “A Christmas Carol”
    and Black Forest Inn for dinner after
    Driving through old downtown Edina and shopping beneath the lights on 50th and France

    What I dont miss… TRAFFIC and MAD SHOPPERS!

    But knowing I can go back to visit is always nice!

  2. I hope you heal up after that fall! yikes! 🙂 I always remember when Hibby fell on your curb and we were all saying “Pride comes before the fall!” haha. But seriously, I hope you get better! 🙂

    Thanks for all your comments! Just to clarify- the NA job that I didn’t get at St. Joes is just that, a nursing assistant job, so I can still apply for the RN job come January and that would start in July… but I was just hoping to get plugged in earlier than that to get some experience there. 🙂 Woodwinds doesn’t even have any NA job openings, so I don’t think that’ll work. We’ll see what’s next! See you in a few hours!

  3. Don’t worry, I am totally laughing with you. I make is a general rule to laugh when someone, myself included, fall…as long as they aren’t hurt.

    What makes my state great in the winter? I am lost in Idaho right now…I guess, I could say that the man nipples go into hiding in the winter…that’s pretty cool…man nipples confuse me.

  4. Heidi, we were actually up in my old neighborhood during the blizzard a week ago today! I didnt look too closely at the store names, but I was once again utterly amazed at the beauty of the lights!

    The thing that is sad, and maybe it is the fact that the area stayed so “small town” for a long time, is the changes and additions. When we moved they were just building the “mall” of buildings where the old LeeAnn Chins was. I didnt even notice if the old restaurant whose name has escaped me is still there, but it was an old town fixture since the 40’s. You know the place? And Lunds, it was NOT 2 levels when I shopped there (at least that is what it appears to be). And the old house on france at 49 (1/2?) that was Studio 50 when I lived there seems to have been redone too.

    Its sad, but progress is necessary I s’pose!

    Do you live in that area? I grew up on Beard Avenue South!

  5. *snort* *laugh* That (the falling thing) is exactly the kind of thing I seem to excel at!! If I don’t have bruises all over my legs, I know I’ve been sitting on my butt in front of the computer too much and haven’t been outside chasing the kids and the chickens enough. 🙂

    I can’t imagine living somewhere you have to contend with snow and ice on any kind of regular basis. It snows about once every two years here, and I use the term ‘snows’ very loosely. If there’s any possibility of ice, people start acting like the world is coming to an end, and buy lots of bottled water and canned food. It’s strange. I’ll take my 100-degree summers over your snow and time! I think my kids were still in shorts last week, and I’m ok with that, lol!! 🙂 Happy New Year, Heidi!!!!

  6. Why is it that our embarassing moments happen slowly and our moments of glory are fleeting?

    Hope you’re healing quickly!

    What makes our town winter-y? Oh gosh… we have a Parade of Lights the first Saturday in December that is awesome! Colorado College and the Air Force Academy have entertaining hockey teams. There’s alots of ice skating available — but that’s year-round really.

    We still have ice on our street from snow over two weeks ago, does that count?

    My mom had an aunt that settled in Onamia, MN. Every time I visit your blog I think of little ol’ Aunt Grace and her loving smile.

  7. Only once, and yes, it is near Mille Lacs. Onamia seemed like a nice, small town to me back then (late 80’s). It was in late September, early October. Cool but not bad at all.

    I love the song, “It’s a Small World.”

    Then we visited very briefly once the town of Winona, Minnesota where my brother’s wife was from and they had their wedding reception there. We took a lovely boat ride on the Mississippi and that was something rather spectacular. It was a paddle boat.

    But this visit was in July and the mesquito population was in full force. I am allergic to those pecky little bugs and so that trip was a bit anxiety-riddled for me as I was so afraid of getting bit by one of those things.

    Memories… enough of that for now.

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