Baby’s new bed

Anja graduated this weekend from her bassinet to a pack-n-play in our bedroom. We don’t have the heart to move her to her crib yet, because her room is so cold at night (and will be until March or so…). She was about 2 inches short of being head to toe in her bassinet. I think she took comfort in being able to reach out and touch all sides around her. Now she is harder to get to sleep. We walk in and see her with her arms stretched out as far as possible, waving around, (I think) trying to touch the sides. In the morning she is often lying completely sideways. Again, I think it’s because her hands and feet touch again this way.

How odd it must be to move from something so cozy and confining to a bigger, scarier place. First, from the womb to that little plastic-sided cart thing at the hospital. Then to a bassinet. Now to a pack-n-play. Soon…Lord-willing…to a crib. My baby girl is growing up so quickly! Waaaaaaaaaah!


3 thoughts on “Baby’s new bed

  1. Aww — how sweet to know that Anja is comforting herself by moving to the way that she needs to do that. It goes by so fast, you are wise to cherish each moment!

    Blessed and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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