Last Post of 2007…actually posted in 2008

Didn’t. Get. The. Time.

Oh, the pressure. I feel the need to post something extremely wonderful to close out the year. I didn’t feel this sort of pressure at other holidays. What gives?

Some sort of reflection seems in order…Hmm…I don’t make resolutions, or I could post about that. I don’t have any hilarious pets, or that would make good fodder. I have hopes and dreams, but that seems awfully personal. This is SO HARD!

Okay, I’m going to steal an idea from Antique Mommy here, and go with “Best of 2007” comments from my (yes, all 5 of you!) readers. Since I didn’t start blogging until November, the pickins’ are a little slim, but I’m going to give it a go. So…here they are, in no particular order:

Best Comments of 2007

“So what did you take and what was the result?” Paula

“You know what isn’t a last minute gift?… A fart! (no matter what my husband says)” – Scarlett

“Do they really only put your husband’s brother out on Christmas?” – Charlie

“We went and I told my husband I wanted our server boy to quit his job and be my pool boy. We don’t have a pool! heehee.” – Lisa

Thanks, friends! And here’s to a lot more fun blogging in 2008!


11 thoughts on “Last Post of 2007…actually posted in 2008

  1. Oh the pressure of having a comment in the top comments of the year!

    Heidi, I enjoy your blog and think if we knew each other IRL we’d be friends. Your sweet, gentle, and fun spirit comes across in your posts. I enjoyed remembering the joy of early motherhood that comes across in your posts as well.

    What did you do to ring in the new year?

  2. Aw, you guys are sweet.

    To celebrate the arrival of 2008, we went out to eat with a few friends, then came home (it’s hard to find a sitter on NYE!). Another couple came over and we talked and played some Wii (much to my husband’s delight–because I rarely play!). He bought some sparkling cider, but we forgot to open it, so we’ll have to bust that baby open today!

  3. We ate with friends, and then played Mexican Train while we sang to a variety of music. Then we watched the fireworks at the top of Pikes Peak! Today we’ve been sleepyheads all day because of it, too! Although we are generally night owls, last night was later than usual. It was nice and F.U.N!

    We had a toast of Cold Duck near midnight to honor the past, look forward to the future with zeal and to appreciate each other as friends now.

  4. What exactly IS Mexican Train? I’m dying to know!

    Oh, Charlie–I’m so sorry! That’s no fun. Didn’t the relatives just leave that day? Did they infect you? You could always buy some JP+! 🙂 I don’t remember the last time I was sick (other than pregnancy nausea).

  5. Our New Year’s Eve was terribly lame. We had some good friends over that have teen girls the ages of mine. Only, the mom got sick and didn’t come. I did not feel well because I sprayed too much tilex in my shower and it was too cold to open windows. The teens and I sat around and read my blog. Then the guys read the entries to my contest out loud. Then we watched Achmed the Dead Terrorist on You Tube for the millionth time. Then my eyes watered and I yawned and my eyes watered and the last half hour before midnight was absolute torture. I drank my glass of sparkling apple cider down to only one sip left BEFORE midnight in the hopes that I would cut down on the time it took me to get to bed. Then I prayed that everyone would leave. I think I was in bed before they started their car.

  6. I have not seen this “Achmed” fellow. I’ll have to check it out.

    Movie. Good tradition to start. My church used to show a movie each New Year’s Eve, and then we’d eat food and play games. My family has a tradition of fondue on NYE. Not cheese or chocolate, but the oil kind that actually cooks the food. We usually cook chicken, steak and corn dogs (dip little mini-weiners in batter and cook ’em). Yum!

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