Husband’s Alarm Clock – A Haiku

I hear you beeping
But he doesn’t until I
Throttle or smack him

Snooze that baby once
More and you can find yourself
A new place to sleep

All of this nonsense is to intro a couple of themes I’m going to try for awhile. Since the themes will fall on Mondays and Fridays, I figured since Wednesday is smack between those two it was the perfect day to tell about them…So…here they are…

Bad Poetry Mondays
Mondays will be dedicated to attempts at poetry gone awry (one example given above). These might be original works by Heidi, they might be poetry I’ve come across in books or on the web, or they might even be works submitted by you readers (feel free to email me with submissions). Also, I encourage you to comment with your own poems (or changes or additions to the posted poem that would make it even awfuller (not a word)). Yay! I’m so excited for this!


Fargo Fridays
This theme will be dedicated to the years I spent in Fargo, ND. I lived there for 8 years, which is almost 1/3 of my life (maybe closer to ¼ at this point). I have lots of interesting photos and stories about what it’s like to live in the most-forgotten and most sparsely populated state. If they prove to be completely uninteresting to readers, I promise to spare you mid-year.


16 thoughts on “Husband’s Alarm Clock – A Haiku

  1. Hi Heidi!

    Thanks for stopping in on chatting! I find many a fun blog through Pioneer Woman…it can get a little dizzying. How cute are you with the snow on the blog?! Love. It. And it stops at the bottom like real snow. Too cool. I’m a graphics idiot. See, I don’t even really know what to call it. Coding? Hmtl-ing? Idiot, I tell you.

    I look forward to coming back…

  2. Charlie? What? Do you plan on submitting said poem?

    Emily–great to have you! I saw the snow on a friend’s blog and HAD to have it. So…after piddling around I found where a person can add it. I think it stops in a few days, unfortunately.

  3. I don’t know – I’ve seen too many clichéd poems that start out like, “As the sun shines down on the glistening dew…”

    My eyes tear up and I RETCH. Therefore, I hope that phrase makes your Bad Poems section!

    Thanks to Emily’s comment, I just noticed about the snow piling up at the bottom of the screen. AWESOME.

  4. I’ll see what I can do, Chuck.

    And true dat on Em’s comment– I hadn’t even stopped long enough to notice that it piles. Maybe I’ll leave the screen open for awhile and see how high it gets. Man, I’m a dork.

  5. How friggin cute is that? If only Blogger had such fun stuff! 🙂

    Did you notice waaaaay down on the bottom there is an itty bitty teensy weensy tiny little black smiley face? I have been watching to see if the snow will cover it up but so far it is just surrounding it.

  6. Lori, did you comment about the black smiley face to drive me nuts? I don’t see it, and now I think I’m insane…

    DMD–welcome! Glad you’ll be hanging out here on Mondays!

  7. Love the Haiku. I sympathize whole-heartedly.

    I have a friend who grew up in Fargo. She fled to Texas in hopes of a better life. I’ll forward your blog address to her so she can reminisce with you.

  8. Heidi, it is there even now! It is on the very very bottom of the screen right smack dab in the middle.

    Please tell me you see it!! Cause sometimes I even see dead people! 😉


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