I Scored a 100%!


5 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Well, I kind of figured out a way. The first one wouldn’t paste (WordPress seems to change the mark-up in strange ways so some stuff doesn’t work), so I made a little jobber in Photoshop and created a link from it. The second one posted, but that little “I got 100%” jobber is supposed to be in the blank black space…I don’t know why it posted up in the corner. But yeah, better than last time.

  2. Now you have to take the “would you survive a Zombie attack”. Im dead btw! 🙂

    I played the “could you fight a pack of 5 yr olds” and was told I could take 9 on at once. Of course I refused to use others as weapons (yes, one of the questions) and would I resort to kicking and eye gouging. I said no to both, so I dont know what an insane person would be able to fight off. I have a 5 yo that can bicker me under the table, so I must be a wuss!


  3. The 5-yr-old one is the first one I took. I could take on 23! That’s even one better than my husband got. I must be insane. That and I answered the questions a bit untruthfully. Apparently I’m merciless (I wouldn’t really use a 5-yr-old as a weapon). Alas, I couldn’t get it to post properly (see above for more examples of this…ugh), so I resorted to these two.

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