Cuz I can’t help myself

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke Anja up and we sat on the couch and “chatted” before breakfast. She’s so stinking cute. She was crossing her legs and had her hands on her knees like a little lady. The only thing that kept her from looking even older than her 3 1/2 months was the fact that she was pantsless. HA!



5 thoughts on “Cuz I can’t help myself

  1. Charlie – hahahahaha!

    Heidi, she is so friggin adorable! I love love love the chin dimple! I tell ya, if you wouldn’t have said it, I would have guessed at least 6-9 months – she is so bright and alert!!

    She looks like an utter joy!


  2. Charlie, I’m gonna do you a favor and delete one of those comments. And yes, I do believe it could be Chuck who made that darned smiley face…if I hadn’t found the same little guy on other WordPress blogs. See, Husband said the smiley made him nervous since I didn’t put him there. But after I found him on other blogs he felt better and deemed him a “place holder.”

    Oh, look what I found.

  3. Oh my — what a precious photo! She’s adorable! You’ll have many more chats and times when the bottoms won’t be on for those, and times when they will (about puberty when they start getting all secretive and like to cover themselves up!)

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