Fargo Friday – 1

Alrighty. My first…ahem…theme. While Bad Poetry Mondays will, most definitely, be more universal in their appeal, I just HAD to devote some serious blog time to this place of wonder, excitement and, mostly, wind.


Just to completely kill any romanticizations (not a word) you might have about Fargo, here it is, in all its flat, flat glory. I first moved to Fargo for college. NDSU, baby. This is the view out of my college dorm to the parking lot. This is what it looked like 9 months out of the year. Covered with snow. Surprisingly, I only recall one time in the sub-zero temperatures when Sully (my car at the time–an ’89 Chevy Celebrity) wouldn’t start. But I recall many, many times when his locks were frozen shut so I couldn’t get in to even attempt starting him. So there’s that. Oh, and I’m not sure who lived in that trailer you see off to the left. It’s probably overflow student housing.


Photo #2 is of first-year studio*. We spent a LOT of time there. I majored in archi-torture. Not a major for the faint of heart. You pretty much HAD to be okay with pulling regular all-nighters and spending every penny you earned on bass wood for models if you wanted to get A’s. This photo includes my best friend, Ingrid from the shoulders down. Isn’t she cute? Anyway, first-year studio didn’t start until second year (because first you had to be one of the 60 of 200 students who made it into the program). Since we really were poor college students at this point, we relied mostly on foam core and cardboard for our modeling. It wasn’t until later that year that competition got really fierce and people broke out the wood.

*Please don’t look at our project. Especially if you know anything about architecture. We had a first-timer for a studio instructor who hailed from France. He actually wore ascots and had an outrageous accent and called Exacto knives “cutt-errrs” (read it in a French accent). He got better later on, but I think he gave everyone A’s that first semester just because he had no clue what was going on. This, my friends, is where I first learned the art of presentation (a.k.a. BSing).


9 thoughts on “Fargo Friday – 1

  1. Lively bunch up d’ar in Nort Da-kotaa! I have a friend from Nodak and we always give her grief.

    I have to admit I looked at the project before I read the disclaimer! I went to school for Design and Architectural Drafting so I know somewhat about the models hehehehehehe! Long hours firshir!

    BTW, the picture on my header was taken in the Minnesota Zephyr this summer. 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. I am pretty sure I have “boring-er” photos, but this one is pretty bad. It’s my first Fargo Friday, so there will be more interesting stuff to come!

    I haven’t yet been to the new campus…I keep hoping to, though. They started classes in there the year after I graduated. I’d love to see the other new things, too—the updates to the Union and the new business college building.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of why I moved out of Fargo! Perhaps I’ll blog one day about getting into my car via the trunk to start it on one blizzardy day.

  4. The Zephyr was always a blast, but I am sad to tell you that it is no more. It was supposed to retire on New Years, but we got something in the mail saying they were staying open, so we are wondering if someone bought it.

    It was a little pricey, but just as any night on the town in the city its worth it. I think it was around $80 at night. But that is the ride, the food and the entertainment. The food is amazing.

    We took the kids on day excursions, so there was less cost, and we also rode on “Day out with Thomas” the two years it has been there.

    Check it out sometime! 🙂

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