To Grandmother’s house we go

*music sounds* “The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh”…oh, wait. Husband’s allergic.

So on to the second leg of our trip. We drove way up nort’ to where the wind gets a 300-mile running start (across North Dakota) before it blasts through the Red River Valley. Seriously, it’s like living on top of a mountain but without the view. Blech.

We celebrated on Sunday with my immediate family. I was surprised that, at just shy of 4 mos. old, Anja was interested in ripping the paper off her gifts. She couldn’t care less about seeing what was inside, of course, just liked ripping paper.


To further make a point about how “Christmas throws up all over my mom’s house,” I snapped a few more photos.





I especially love these little treats behind the toilet. Watch out or those reindeer will fly right up your you-know-what!

Christmas Day was spent with my dad’s side of the family. There’s a lot of people around, and it’s always a fun day. We play games (namely Taboo), eat lots of food, go caroling (much to the neighbors’ dismay delight)…Apparently caroling is a lost art, because people often don’t know how to react to carolers anymore. Where one houseful came and listened appreciatively at their door, then gave us treats and told us to come back next year, another guy opened his front door, walked away, and never came back. We finished the song, puzzled, and my cousin closed the guy’s front door himself before we left. Bizarre. Anyway, Anja got all foufed up in her girlie Christmas dress. Fun. Before I was a tomboy I had lots of girlie dresses, too.


That night was Anja’s last in her bassinet (what a big girl!), as we left it with Grandma to store for the next baby in the family. Sigh…I think it was almost as hard for me as for her!


She looks a little wistful, doesn’t she?



6 thoughts on “To Grandmother’s house we go

  1. Im playing catch-up. My God is she gorgeous! That dress is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

    It looks like your moms house was attacked by frosty! How long does it take her to do all that decorating.



  2. When she’s helped, we can usually complete the set-up in one day (the day after Thanksgiving). I’m not sure how long it took her this year (we had Thanksgiving with Husband’s family and didn’t go up north for the first time…I missed being there), but probably not more than an extra day. It’s truly excessive. Every once in a while she’ll go through her collection and get rid of something, but mostly she just keeps adding to it!

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