Supper or Dinner?

Hi friends!  I have a question for you (as you can already see from my title…).  Where I’m from (farm-country), there are three meals a day: Breakfast, Dinner and Supper.  “Lunch” can come any time of the day, but usually around 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (two “lunches” a day), and it means a light snack with coffee.

Down here, things are different.  There are still three meals, but they are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  And anything else is just “snacks.”  So my question is, what is it where you’re from?  One of these or something completely different?

Oh, and a big shout out to my friend Hibby, who, as of this afternoon, is engaged to be married!!!!  Congratulations, dear.


9 thoughts on “Supper or Dinner?

  1. Well, I grew up with B’fast, Lunch and Dinner. My dad, who grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, had B’fast, Dinner, Supper and Lunch as you described. My husband, who was brought up by two parents who grew up on Nebraska farms also grew up with B’fast, Dinner and Supper.

    When we were first married we had been invited to dinner by my in-laws, and yes, you guessed it we showed up for an evening meal. I did not make that mistake again. Boy did I feel foolish. For years afterwards I always checked to make sure which meal it was.

    Good question! Guess there’s more than just pop/soda, bag/sack, etc. that denotes where we’re from and how we were raised.

  2. I’m from where you are, and we always called it Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper. If somebody says Dinner, I think Supper.
    Although… I’ve recently been learning that more people think of Dinner as Lunch.

    We should just call it Meal_1, Meal_2, and Meal_3. Snacks should be Meal_2.2, Meal_2.3, etc.

  3. I should clarify… I’m not from where you are NOW – I meant to say that I’m from where you are from. But you know that!

  4. Down South, we have that same problem.

    My Cajun grandparents refer to the noon-ish meal as “dinner” and the early bird-ish meal, which usually occurs around 5:00 p.m. is “supper”.

    I consider myself to be a red-neck with Cajun roots, however… I have broken away from the ways of my family and I refer to the noon meal as LUNCH and the evening meal as DINNER (although, sometimes SUPPER does slip out on occasion.)

  5. Well, I say breakfast, lunch, and supper. I think supper is definitely a Southern thing. My 4-year-old daughter agrees. I asked her what meal we eat at night, and at first she said, ‘tacos.’ Hmm, can’t argue with that. I am indeed a TexMex fan.

    My dad’s parents, who are very very ‘country,’ have always said breakfast, dinner, and supper. I spent a lot of time with them growing up, so when I get stressed or busy or whatever, ‘dinner’ sometimes slips out of my mouth when addressing the mid-day meal.

    I must say, though, as long as there’s food, I’m there!! I don’t care what you call it if you’re the one feeding me! 🙂

    ~Brea, the tinymama who loves tacos and enchiladas

  6. Here in Alabama it’s breakfast, lunch, and supper – but I live in a tiny town of about 2,000 people, so it may be “dinner” for the noon or evening meal in larger cities. Growing up, it was always “dinner” at noon on Sunday, or “dinner” in the evening if the meal was large, fancy, and included guests.

  7. Oh this one brings up so many debates since I have moved to SW MN from the cities!

    I grew up with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and BRUNCH.

    My husband grew up here in St. James and he I.N.S.I.S.T.S that I am wrong wrong wrong.

    But interestingly… one of his favorite meals is this wonderful mixture of morning and afternoon items, and it is called Br-unch, not Br-inner.

    So you tell me… how can you call it “dinner” if it is a noon meal, but a meal served between 11 and 2 is BRUNCH? Wouldnt it make sense that brunch is short for breakfast and LUNCH?

    hehehehehehehe… Like I said, this is a huge debate in our home! In Edina, we ate cake all day long and called it…. well cake! hehehehehe

    I had to slam myself since I can!

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