Bad Poetry Monday – 1

I had no problem choosing the first poem for Bad Poetry Monday.  In fact, I think it’s the poem that made me think of starting this theme in the first place.

The following poem was written by yours truly in Creative Writing class in high school.  Its intent was to point out the deceptive temptation of sin.  However, my friends insisted that it was a poem about sex.  For my 19th birthday, I received an odd and rather lengthy video from three friends of mine containing different “shorts” of them doing things.  One of the scenes was of my friend Todd reading this poem aloud (as he put it, “probably the greatest poem ever written.”  HAHAHAHAHA!) in a heated, I-might-rip-my-shirt-off-any-second tone.  At the time, I did not find it funny.  Now, I think it’s hilarious.  You probably will, too.  With no further ado (or is it adieu…I’ve always wondered):

The Merry-Go-Round of Evil

The gleam in that red horse’s eye tempts you.
You draw near, wanting only to touch.
Your fingers stroke the leather bridle, then follow a track to its silky black mane.
You find yourself climbing up on the horse
and your wild ride begins.
Soft and slow, the music floats around you.
How splendid are the stirrups that fit your feet so well.
Your horse glides, up and down, round and round, in that circular
motion that soothes you
Faster, faster, you urge him on, your horse-
Galloping at full speed…
or so you thought.
The lights, so twinkling and magical
become a blurry whirl of shadow and luminesse
The sedating music quickens, and you scream for it to stop!
You try with all your might to get off this wicked ride,
But alas!
Your efforts are in vain, and you are caught in the folly of your own choice.
“Better luck next time!” squeals the greasy carney, and
you reach out to grab him, but he zips away.
You are in his crazy world now,
Trapped on his evil merry-go-round.
If only you’d chosen the yellow horse.


7 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Monday – 1

  1. That WAS sexy! Hoo mama! j/k
    I’d love to see Todd’s dramatic interpretation! One question about the yellow horse. Did you pick that color at random, or does it symbolize something (other than SEX)?

    P.S. It’s “ado.” Just the other month I came across the other spelling, and ended up on a long web search on the phrase. Way too long. All I learned was that it’s “ado.” but that’s all I wanted to know.

    And all is well.

  2. Awww…nobody posted more bad poetry for BPM… 😦 Maybe next week, peoples? I’m hoping that you were all just so stunned with the extreme badness that you didn’t think anything could top it.

    Yellow was picked at random, my friend. I think I somehow saw it as representative as “goodness,” like in “good as gold,” at the time. Yeah, that’s it. Good as gold.

    Thanks also for the grammatical tip! If I remember correctly, we have explored a few of these together…

  3. Wow, I need a shower now! I found myself leaning forward in my seat, breathing faster and waiting for the climax of the … eh hem, poem! hehehehehehehehe

    Love it! I think you need to post the video! I can see where the teasing may have come from, but you know what, it was good “sexy” and good “not sexy”, although I am finding myself wanting a cigarette and I dont smoke!

    I have had computer issues the past few days, so I havent been able to get to you! Sorry! I could post my stupid christmas card poem that STILL has not been mailed if you like…

  4. This one is really lame, and it ryhmes – EEWWWW

    We’ve decked the halls,
    Open gifts and sang carols,
    We’ve eaten more than our share,
    And now have bellies like barrels.

    But we still have not done,
    One last thing on our list,
    Is to place in the mail,
    This very Holiday Wish.

    We hope that Santa delivered,
    On wishes and dreams,
    And your New Year is filled,
    With lots of …. ICE CREAM!

    Its really lame, but my 10 year old helped… hehehehehe
    And there is a foot note:
    (we couldn’t think of anything that rhymed, and who doesn’t like ice cream?)

  5. Aw, Lori, it’s cute! And I like rhyming poems, provided they’re read correctly. In fact, I have one that I might try to get published one day…just needs some more tweaking.

    Here’s a fun fact: I have a published poem out there. It’s called “Ballet of the Commonfolk.” I submitted it in early college and never bought the book it was published in (because it was like $75 or something–a big volume of poetry). I don’t even remember the name of the book, or I’d probably buy it today.

  6. At first I thought you had tried to pull a fast one on us by saying it wasn’t intended to be about sex because it was so obviously about sex, then I saw the carny with greasy hair and I thought, “Wow, I hope it isn’t about sex or else she is some kind of freak.”

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