Seagreen Spare Change

I have some random photos to post today…just a collage of items from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Here are a few that illustrate what happens when Husband is left at home with our daughter. One night I came home from work to find this poor little fellow:


And Anja didn’t get to use her bouncy seat one day because Bigtoes took it over:


And apparently this Wise Man decided to hoard his gift rather than give it to Baby Jesus:


And he likes to have fun with the baby, too. Here she is, having tummy time while happily wrapped in an afghan:


Moving on…here’s one from the Nutcracker display at Macy’s:


And an ice blob that appears to have been thrown from our neighbor’s deck and froze upon impact (sorry for the quality of the shot–taken through a screened window):


I spent New Year’s day with a new gift from my husband (a CD player, since I was still on my first one that I bought in 1994), a new CD from mom (Tony Bennett–yay! The first CD I ever bought was one of his…”Steppin’ Out”), and some sparkling Swedish beverage.


I went shopping this weekend and hit a green theme at Urban Outfitters (a pillow, curtains and a hat):


And the light was just right for a good point-and-shoot photo (still haven’t messed with the big camera) of my darling:



6 thoughts on “Seagreen Spare Change

  1. I love The Selfish Wiseman display. Like he thought it over and decided that he really needs some frankincense and hopes that nobody saw him bring it.

    Been there. *shakes head slowly and laughs to himself* Been there.

  2. At least Anja and Hubby are enjoying their evenings alone! ๐Ÿ™‚ And that last shot… It could be professional. I love Mr Blue Toes (?). That was cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. No – I actually meant frankincense. It’s a great gift to bring when you’re a house guest!
    Last time we went to visit you guys – they were fresh out… so we just brought beer.

  4. You know, she does look quite a bit like mine. But there’s a lot of Husband in her, too. It’s hard to say what she’ll look like other than her “own right self” (nod to a Frog and Toad book). ๐Ÿ™‚

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