Fargo Friday – 2

When I was in college, I lived in the dorms for my first three years. That seems geeky, but our dorms were actually pretty nice. And I liked the convenience of being right on campus, since I spent most of my waking hours in studio anyway. My senior year I moved into a grungy place we dubbed “The Little Green House” with two friends. Another friend moved in a couple months later, and we had fun times. Here’s a photo of us in those early days:


The three of us on the right are dressed as S, who (on the left) is dressed as K (the girl on the right). Apparently we had decided the kitchen should be Mexican Fiesta-themed at this point in time. We were an odd bunch. Things ended badly living at The Little Green House. I am a hard person to live with, and I hardly saw any of my roomies due to my schooling schedule. They bonded, and I did not bond. I moved out to an apartment with my best friend for my last semester, and I haven’t seen any of these chicas since my wedding. It’s too bad, really. They were interesting and unique. But…as a good friend always says, “Life goes on and we go with” (you’ve got to say this in a Norsky accent if you can muster one up).

One last photo of Husband asleep on the couch (he does this regularly…still) at The Little Green House. We were just dating at the time. Upon closer examination of this photo, I notice several things:

  • Husband-to-be is wearing a friendship bracelet. I’m pretty sure I made it for him. That’s hilarious.
  • We had a record player that played actual records. In the year 2001. Nice.
  • Our coffee table was so sturdy that you could regularly find one of us balancing on one of its legs.

zzzzzz………move over there, old Boyfriend, cuz I that’s kind of how I feel about this post. Next week = Fargo Favorites. So you’ll learn some cool/fun things about Fargo, not just about my boring life.

On a more exciting note, my bloggy friend Donna launched her own photography business this week.  Pop on over and check out her awesome site!


2 thoughts on “Fargo Friday – 2

  1. Oh goodness!!!
    Thank you, Heidi.

    “Life goes on and we go with”

    You don’t know how much I like that.

    First of all…with is the proper way to end all sentences with.

    I am channeling Meryl Streep when I say it, much like

    “I once had a farm in Africa”

    That friendship bracelet is just the sweetest thing :o)

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