Hey you’s guys! It’s National Delurker Day, so I’m calling you OUT! Please comment and say hello if you’re a reader but have never popped out of the darkness to show yourself…I’m interested in my readers. Really! Come on, little fella. I won’t bite. 🙂

Okay, on to my question for you mommies out there. My darling daughter is teething. She’s a little over 4 months old. In your experience (I’m making a big assumption here that your kids have teeth) , what are some methods to help her through the process? Thanks for any tips!

Edited to add a fun fact: Someone found my blog today by searching for the phrase “naked cheer.” Somehow I don’t remember posting about that…Oh, and it really is the 10th as I post this.  I don’t know why the post-y thing says it’s the 11th.  Sigh…


11 thoughts on “Toofies

  1. Hi there – Re: The teething. She needs to chew on something otherwise she’ll get cross!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments made me laugh. Do you have photoshop? I’ve got adobe elements ( I think that’s what it’s called) but never seem to have the time to click on it and have a good root around. Need to practise like that Pioneer Woman. She seems to have plenty of time for messing about with pictures!

  2. Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol. Do not be afraid to drug her up on the worst days. You can also get a washcloth nice and wet, wring it out a bit, fold it as if putting it into the linen closet but instead put it into the freezer. When it’s mostly frozen but not too hard, hold it for her to chew on. At four months, my kids’ favorite teething aid was my nipple. Unfortunately for my nipple.

  3. My first question for the person that happened upon your blog would be, “What were you TRYING to find by searching for ‘naked cheer’?”

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    My 8 month old just cut her first tooth and all she needed was a little tylenol, but I know that’s not enough for some babies. I’ve heard that refrigerating teething rings adds extra relief or filling a bottle nipple with water and freezing it for the baby to chew on is nice.

    Your daughter is a cutie!

  5. We used Tylenol (rub some on her gums directly), and Baby Oragel, but know that it will make her slobber more.

    I second the washcloth in the freezer. You can also buy those teething aids in the baby aisle that you can put in the freezer and come in a variety of shapes. They’ll stay cool longer.

    Happy Friday!

  6. I like charlies idea (really not, but he has original ones)! maybe add some tylenol for flavor!

    I was going to steal that little flasher and put him on my blog too, ya know, steal your post, but I noticed it was yesterday, so I digress…

    And “naked cheer”? What have I missed??

  7. The rest of you–thanks!! Man, if I’d known you all had such a wealth of information, I might have started asking a DAILY question. I’ve tried Orajel (which was fine–I just don’t want to use it too often), but the cold rags and such will probably be a hit, as she always tries to grab and suck on her rag in the bathtub anyway.

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