Hey you! You owe me money!

Not me, actually. The federal government. To the tune of $400,000. Yep. You.

Now, those of you whose minds automatically shut off (or you plug your ears and hum) when you hear the words “politics” or “government,” I’m talking to YOU. I used to be just like you, but I can’t afford to be any longer. Want to know why? Well, one reason is detailed in the video below (which I stole from Paula). The longer we sit on our hands when it comes to issues like this, the more we are putting our future at stake (can you say national bankruptcy/depression?). Is it worth 9 minutes of your time to be able to make an educated decision? I thought so! So go on, listen up. And please, PLEASE tell your friends.


3 thoughts on “Hey you! You owe me money!

  1. I got it from my daughter, S — the political one. I try to catch Glenn Beck, but don’t always. I missed this one and so was really glad she sent it to me.

    Spread the word — we need to hear this!

  2. Well, I hope Glen will ask every single candidate he speaks to what they plan on doing about this…and how on earth they can even fathom National health care.

    This man needs to be on every nightly new program.

    But, why isn’t he????

    It gives me a stomach ache to think about all of this…
    And I am thankful I believe in a God who is in control and that none of this is a surprise to Him.
    Cause without that kind of assurance,
    I would be very frightened.

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