The Naked Brother

Here’s a fun little story. I don’t have very many of these stored up–I think I haven’t been a mom long enough. Give me a few years and I can have one a week!

So, anyway…my brother-in-law (we’ll call him Pinkus) has Down Syndrome. He’s got a lot of little endearing quirks (some admittedly more annoying than endearing), but this story is not about one of them. It is about nudity. Yep.

When Husband and I were first married, we always stayed in his parents’ room when we were at his house. It is on the main level, down at the end of a hallway. On the way from the main entrance down the hallway, you pass a study area, Sister-in-Law’s room, a bathroom (in a little nook) and Pinkus’s room. (see layout below)


One night I was heading down for bed, and as I rounded the corner past Sister-in-Law’s room, I got an eye-full. There Pinkus stood, in his doorway, humming (he does this often) and wearing only slippers. I paused briefly in shock, long enough to see Pinkus quickly slam his sliding door. Funniest part: Pinkus’s door is glass. I could still see right through it. I averted my eyes, held my breath, and quickly shuffled by. I turned around to close the master bedroom door and saw his naked arse high-tailing it down the hallway to the other end of the house, with his raggy long-armed monkey puppets (his “security blanket” of sorts) hanging from beneath his arms. I couldn’t help it–I closed the door and busted out laughing. I waited and waited for Husband to come down so I could relate the whole story, and he, too, had a hearty chuckle.

Thankfully, I don’t think Pinkus remembers this distressing episode, or it would probably affect our relationship today. Me, I just saw my retarded brother-in-law in nothing but slippers. Like water off a duck’s back, I tell ya.


6 thoughts on “The Naked Brother

  1. And the big question is… did you get him a new pair of slippers or a robe?? hehehe

    Did you read Dayna’s laughing at the wrong time? This might actually fit in that catagory!

    And thanks for missing me! I got mail! I havent had a chance to look at it, but it will get done soon!


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