Fargo Friday – 3

As promised, today is some cool things about Fargo. Yay for Fargo!

1) The Fargodome. It’s not even a dome! But I spent many a Saturday morning, afternoon and evening there, practicing (I was in marching band—feel free to make “band geek” comments) and performing for the Bison football games. Oh, and for those of you who feel so inclined to be extra Norsky, that’s pronounced with a ZZZZ sound, not a SSSS. BiZon.


2) College campuses. There are three major colleges in the Fargo/Moorhead area: NDSU, MSU Moorhead, and Concordia. All three have very different, but very nice campuses. I spent much time exploring these campuses as a freshman in college. I think Concordia’s my favorite, but of course, it’s private, so they have more money for things like modern art and Prexy’s Pond.


3) The art scene. Since it is the biggest city (read: town) within a 150-mile radius, there’s a surprisingly wide variety of shows and exhibits for viewing at any given time. #2 probably contributes to this a great deal.


4) Broadway. Downtown Fargo is probably my second favorite part about living there. In recent years, especially with the addition of NDSU’s downtown campus, boutiques, high-end clothing stores and fine restaurants have been putting down roots. My personal favorite is Funky Junque.


5) The feel. It’s like living in a small town but with much more stuff to do. Really—almost every time I left the house, I would run into someone I knew. That doesn’t even always happen in my own home town, which is about 1/15 the size. And there’s more than a Cenex, a post office and a bar.


6) The people. We still have lots of friends (and family) in Fargo. So we go back to visit several times a year. I love the people of Fargo. Maybe just the people I know…but most of them are of high quality. Just don’t try to merge on the freeway. Then they’re not the nicest.



7) The weather. No, just kidding. That’s one of the main reasons we moved. Since I grew up in the area, I knew nothing different, but that howling, non-stop wind really got to Husband. If you think about it, that wind gets a 200-mile running start across flat, flat North Dakota and then blasts through the whole flat, flat city. As I’ve said before, it was like living on top of a mountain without the view. The dorms I lived in for three years created the perfect place for a little vortex of wind. For one, they were “high rises” (that’s only 9 stories in Fargo). For two, there was a circular shaped courtyard in between the four high rises that helped the wind flow into its tornado-like pattern. Once you reached the entry of your dorm, there was no going back. They had a heated area with double doors on either side, but the second set of doors did virtually nothing. Once you opened the first set, your breath was caught away and you were sucked out into the whirling vortex, fighting to stay upright and on the sidewalk (which had ice 10 months out of the year). Oh, dear. I guess this didn’t turn out to be a “good thing.” So on to the next…


8) Scheels. The world’s largest sporting goods store. It’s like the MOA for sports. Need I say more?  This was supposed to be #8 but it turns my 8 into a stupid smiley face.  So…enjoy that.


p.s. Today Dayna is having a contest on her blog and giving away a conversation starter made by these ladies. I want it. Maybe you do, too, so stop by.

4 thoughts on “Fargo Friday – 3

  1. I’ve been to Fargo…Chub’s Pub. It’s hott! Also– I dated someone from Moorhead. Yeah. The weather can be pretty bleak up there yonder.

    I had no idea about the art scene…maybe i’ll have to revisit!

  2. As a sixteen year resident of Fargo, I have to say…I LOVE IT HERE…how could Fargo Fridays possibly flop?

    Drop me an e and I’ll provide the photos…….do you have any idea how many different bison art pieces reside around Fargo? From the true to life to the stick creation?

    Have you had a wild rice burger at the HoDo lately?

    How about an hour to browse Zanbroz and to enjoy a soda at their old fashion soda fountain?

    Or perhaps a delicacy from Nicole’s pastries…pure bliss!

    Maybe a stroll through the Great Plains Art Museum?

    Have you ever attended a Bras on Broadway…Breast Cancer fund raiser?

    How about sledding on the dike?

    Honestly……..How could this flop?

  3. F-M would be an awesome place to live. If it were located about 700 miles south of where it is. 🙂 Those winters are horrendous! It doesn’t snow every day (as many people think), but it might as well for all the blowing around it does.

    You forgot to mention Hornbacher’s (means quality . . . twenty-four hours a day). Yes I graduated college 17 years ago, and I can still sing the Hornbacher’s jingle. Sad. So sad.

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