I’ve Got Sunshine on My Shoulders

And her name is Anja. She’s not a cuddler, so when she does, I’m all for it!


Also, who else has a daughter who is SO happy to help with laundry?



9 thoughts on “I’ve Got Sunshine on My Shoulders

  1. UGH! Jadon was that way too and it drove me nuts. I always tried to force it, but how do you snuggle with a stiff wiggly board?

    Still, she is so adorable! If you will allow her to date older men, my 5 year old can wait a few more years! 😉

  2. Thanks, ladies. I can’t help but think she’s cute–mothers are so biased that way. But it’s fun to hear that other people think so, too.

    As for dating…we’ve decided we’ll let her start at age 30. And Jadon will be 35 at that point, so at those ages the gap doesn’t seem too unreasonable. HA!

  3. Oh, and Donna, these were both still my point-and-shoot camera. I’ve been taking some with the nice camera, but Husband says I simply MUST read Camera Raw before I can begin editing the images, so it could be a while (a looong while…) before I get to post any of those.

  4. Oh have mercy!!!!
    I do not know how to edit in Raw and I will not be trying it any time soon.

    My favorite photographer does not shoot or edit in RAW!!!
    Check out Audrey Woulard’s site!

    She is the best Chicago has to offer. She works year round, shots exclusively for Ford model children and Pottery Barn’s kids….all using jpegs.

    Get that camera and put it on “A” and set it as wide open (1.8 or 2.4 or something like that) as possible. Get super close to ANJA in some nice North facing light and please just try!!!

    That wide aperature will blur the back ground and give you a nice clear focus. It also allows you to shoot inside.

    Look in your manual how to set Aperature “A”.
    The camera will figure out the shutter speed.

    It won’t hurt to try.

    You can do it!

  5. RAW is a type of photoshop editing.
    It is a very large file from what I know.
    It would be explained in any photoshop book.

    People feel like that have great control over their colors and all the rest using RAW.

    It is way above my beginner’s head.

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