Fargo Friday – BUST

Fargo Fridays seem to have been a flop thus far, so while I am brainstorming about what to replace it with (ideas welcome!), stop by Lori’s post today to read about the “tax relief” that is to come this summer.  I commented with a couple of interesting articles, so I’ll post links to those here as well:




8 thoughts on “Fargo Friday – BUST

  1. After watching the Glen Beck story here (twice) and then hearing what we were all going to be getting money from the government. (from the government….which is our money in the first place) I wanted to puke.

    Pacify the masses.
    Don’t tell the truth about our bankrupt government.

    How will it all end?

  2. Why, Azrael! Who the heck ‘r’ you, and why didn’t you say so sooner? I’d have at least done one more post just in your honor…

    I lived there for 8 years, so even if it’s not a category of its own, Fargo will surely come up again. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I liked your Fargo Fridays too! Mostly because you could tell what joy it gave you to write about them. But also because I like hearing about the frozen tundra where my Momma grew up. She grew up in Minot but Fargo is close enough. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’ll still write about Fargo occasionally.

  4. Oh! I forgot to add… and this is a request. Can you do a post about lefsa? It’s really hard to get here in Coloado. I think it’s an untapped resource for lunch and breakfast even (butter, sugar and cinnamon).

  5. I will too miss Fargo Fridays (which I tend to read on Saturdays, and Poetry Mondays, well they get read tues or wed). But my reason for missing them is not the same as most! Its more of an “ammunition” Friday for me because one of my friends is from ND, and we ALL make fun of her (almost like it is worse than being from I.O.W.A.) hehehehe

  6. Oh no! I just stumbled upon your blog today so I had no idea Fargo Fridays existed! Ahhhh… if I had only known…. 🙂

    I actually attended Concordia and lived for awhile on campus near Prexy’s Pond. Love Concordia, love Fargo-Moorhead, love the weather and the wind and the people. I keep trying to get my husband to move up there but he claims there’s no trees. Hmmmph. I don’t know where he gets that idea. 🙂

    Anyway- nice place you have here. Hope to visit again soon!

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