I was checking through the search terms people have typed in to find my blog.  In case any of them are you, I thought I’d try and be helpful by answering back:

Red Apple, poison

            I don’t recall writing about this…

Owe friend money

            Why would someone be searching for this online?  Go talk to your friend, man.

December Minnesota valentine

            Valentine’s Day happens in ALL the states, and it’s in February, moron.

mother kills postpartum Minnesota

            Minnesota gave birth?  And someone killed it?  A mother, no less…how sad.

my car my car tan sierra tan sierra


alternate names for substitute mother

            Hmm…I have a few suggestions: Fraud Broad, Proxy Mom, or simply “The Replacement”

any program help mom car sit free

            I doubt your mom will car-sit for you for free.  You’ll probably have to pay her at least a dollar.

what does “how far we’ve come” mean

            I’m not sure myself, friend.

owe in money in Minnesota

            You owe me money?  Awesome—fork it over.  I hope it’s a lot…

poems of bad friends

            Oh yes, they are bad friends, because they never leave any poems in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Searching…

  1. hehehehehe!

    Personally I found you under “mn maniac mom mn who thinks shes poet mn”

    What the heck! Not many visit me, its pretty boring! The ones Site Meter has on mine are mostly ITP, Hemaglobin and Platelet related. Like Im some sort of MD!


  2. I love your replies! There are some freaks out there…freaks and morons and yes, somehow they will find your site. The worst I ever had was “please finger me daddy.” I wanted to alert the authorities but I didn’t know who that would be and then I was afraid they would shut down my blog.

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