Stiff Pink Lemonade

funny pictures
moar funny pictures



10 thoughts on “Stiff Pink Lemonade

  1. Did I ever tell you I sent that picture of toby with the glowing eyes to I dont think it got many votes though!

    I love the website – the kids like to try and figure out the captions (not a great way to teach your kids how to spell!)

  2. Ha! That’s great. I loved that one of Toby. Yeah, icanhas is pretty addicting. I think I’ve looked at the entire website. My favorite is probably the running storyline of the stolen bucket. Husband enjoys it when I do voices for the captions. My walrus is spot on, I tell ya! 😉

  3. Hey – I recognize a few of those pictures… who’s that stud in the camo pants? How old are those? Like… 8 or 9 years?
    You just made me reminisce.

  4. That website… with the animals and the cats and the weirdspeak and whatnot – I’ve seen pictures from it posted in some cubicles at work. Granted… it’s the dorky I.S. department…

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