My Life in a Couple of Months

Click here.

Oh, and How I feel about this.


Updated: Say, y’all, I wanted to let you know that YOU, too, can do those cool graphics to your blog.  Gretchen clued me in to this site, and it’s fun to play with even if you don’t plan on posting it.


7 thoughts on “My Life in a Couple of Months

  1. Oh, goodness, even at 4 and 5, there’s still nothing that my kids love better than getting their grubby little mitts on a Sharpie. Train her early not to play with markers. Your walls, tables, carpets, dishes, clothes, floors, and bathtub will thank you!! Trust me!!!! 🙂

    ~Brea, the tinymama

  2. After three kids we have not had the drawing on walls, floors or other inappropriate things (such as books). I have not idea why we escaped that when other parents have dealt with it a lot. Call it providence, I guess.

    Crawling is a fun stage!!! Just you wait and see!

  3. My son loved walls, my daughter loved furniture. The last of the writing on the wall was with my Notary stamp… On the wall, on the table, on the tile floor… And that was just in November! hehehehehehe

    So he is 5, he’s a boy. They do things.

    As for the graphics, tell me this isnt a sign… you puked on HILARIE CLINTON!


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