Can’t Get Enough

Of this baby…Rollin' 022708

She brings such joy to our lives.  Her laugh makes me want to jump and clap (sometimes I do).  She has reached a new level of curiosity that enthralls me.  Everything must be reached for, touched, sucked on, explored…

I took the little support-y pad out of her bathtub yesterday and just let her sit in the water and play.  She LOVED it!  She wanted to go back in when I took her out.

She has a mild obsession with ribbons and tags.  Most babies do, don’t they?  Isn’t that why they attach brightly colored ribbons to so many toys and make those “tag” blankets with loops around the edges?  She has this amazing Baby Einstein gym that has toys dangled all over it.  I tied a red ribbon on it, and she spends 50% of the time playing with the ribbon.  Hopefully she’ll always be this easy to please!

She has started rolling back to front, which pleases me to no end.  I’m hoping she’ll wait a couple more weeks to start crawling (her daddy did at this age!), as the house is not yet baby-proofed.

The Demise of Fries

Husband and I were going to pick up our car from an oil change the other day and we passed McDonald’s.

“Look at all the people in the drive-through!” I exclaimed, pointing. “It’s Sunday morning at 9:30. What are they doing?”

Husband looked at me and said, “Weird, isn’t it? I forget McDonald’s exists.”

“Yeah, me, too,” I said. “Since we never go there, it’s as if it died long ago.” Turning back to face the store, I murmured, “McDonald’s, you are dead to me.”

Even with all their attempts at luring people in with “healthy” food (Apples with the skin cut off soaked in preservatives and put in a bag are not healthy, FYI. Do NOT feed them to your children. Though they might be a slightly better choice than potatoes with the skin cut off deep fried in grease…), I am not tempted. Burger King, Hardee’s (do they even exist any more?), Taco Bell…you’re all in the same place. Restaurant oblivion.

My 100th Post

In bloggy tradition, I am posting “My 100 Things” because this is my 100th post. To me, this seems a bit narcissistic. It took me a looooong time to even think of 100 things about myself to write down. Husband had to help. I am going to slide it in here quickly and go on to another post in hopes that you won’t think me completely self-absorbed. But I have to admit, it was fun for about this first 38…after that, I was scrounging. So here it is!

My 100 Things

If you don’t read it, I will not feel bad.

Flat Stanley Friday at home

FS didn’t travel this week. He stayed with us. Here’s a photo.

Boring, I know (FYI, this is not my photo of the day). But look at the previous post about books and give me your opinions! And DOOOOO let me know if you’re interested in participating in Flat Stanley Fridays. You can read about the rules here.