Bad Poetry Monday – 5


the orchid leaned over its shadow, mesmerized by the shape

of its long, lean limbs as they swayed in

the summer breeze.

As night approached, it grew taller and more disdainful


the orchid developed a fear of its shadow, which mocked and towered

over her. She turned from it

and hid her face in her quivering leaves

When the stillness of the evening overtook,

she gathered up her courage and dared to look…


But Shadow was gone, and she rested peacefully,


to have it return

the next day


5 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Monday – 5

  1. *Monday Morning Elevator*
    There was a beach bum from Nantucket,
    with an eyebrow so long he should pluck it.
    With his tweezer in hand, and his shoe full of sand…
    … not many words rhyme with “Nantucket.”

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