Ron Paul in MN!

Husband is off meeting the man himself tonight.  Anja and I are at home goofing around.  Kinda wish I could be there, but my lovey is teething these days.  And since we’re going to caucus tomorrow night, we opted for that instead.

How ’bout y’all?  How are you spending Super Tuesday?


7 thoughts on “Ron Paul in MN!

  1. My daughter meet Ron Paul last Friday when he was here in Colorado Springs. I’ll have to get her to let me have the picture and post it on my blog.

    So what did your hubby think of the experience?

    BTW, I’ve tagged you in a fun meme if you care to play. See the entry from yesterday for details.

  2. It’s just an ordinary Fat Tuesday here. We don’t vote till March. On the plus side, teh campaign calls haven’t started yet either.

  3. Its eyeball boobies! Scarlett, they have nipples!

    Heidi I was thinking of you and Mr Paul! Sorry you missed him. We spent fat tuesday watching Biggest Loser.

  4. Paula,
    Husband thought it was “good” (his own description). Also, he thought it was exciting being in a room with other people who cheered when RP spoke, since he’s been so marginalized by the media.

    Gross. But funny.

    VERY funny video. I actually knew a girl who did Disney on Ice. I think it was The Little Mermaid and then she moved on to something else. Who knows? Maybe she’s Dory!

    We, too, used to be “a state that didn’t count.” I guess they upped the ante this year since we’re hosting the convention and all…

    Right on, my friend.

    Leave Veronica’s cute froggie alone! 🙂

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