My husband, the (ahem) delegate

Now doesn’t that sound sooooo official?  I’m trying to think of ways I can exploit having a husband who’s a delegate*.

We went to our precinct caucus tonight.  Let’s just say that Minnesotans ROCKED the caucuses, to put it mildly.  The gymnasium at the school was so overflowing that hundreds (maybe thousands) of people couldn’t even get in.  Standing room only.  I could have made it but gallant Husband had dropped Anja** and me off at the door, and by the time he parked and was able to beat his way through the swarm, we couldn’t get in.

We went and hung out with our precinct folks instead.  Twenty-eight people showed up in our group.  Romney’s people spoke up first.  Then McCain’s.  I kept eyeing Husband like, “Aren’t you going to SAY something?” (He’s not shy.)  Finally, he spoke.  And the people listened.  Most of them had heard nothing about RP but his quirks.  Some of them hadn’t even heard of him at all (thank you, liberal media, for your outright exclusion).  But Husband, he got nothing but respect even from those who were totally against Ron Paul.  The voting happened.  Romney won with 10, McCain came in 2nd with 9, and Ron Paul tied with Mike Huckabee for 3rd–4 votes each.  But here’s the cool part.  Husband must have made such a good impression that he still was elected as a delegate.  Out of 7 nominees, they respected what he had to say enough that even though he told them straight up “I will vote for Ron Paul if elected as a delegate,” they still elected him.  I was so proud.

So one of our 4 precinct votes will be cast for Ron Paul.  There’s a reason that he came to Minnesota last night.  Just you watch—-we’ve got people up here who are ready for some change!

*Since my mom reads this blog, I will post that being a delegate in no way indicates any form of monetary compensation.  In fact, he has to pay to submit his little application thingy.

**She, my friends, was a CHAMP through this evening.  She hardly fussed at all, cooed at the other nice Republicans (except one of the McCain supporters…he tried to get her to smile, but she would not give one up.  I wouldn’t have either.  He was creepy…), and even took a little nap.

7 thoughts on “My husband, the (ahem) delegate

  1. I am sorry, but the fifth grade girl in me wants to giggle every time I hear or read the word “caucus”!

    Also, go Minnesota husband!

    Girl, give that man some rollin’ and clutchin’ for being a caucus (giggle) stud.

  2. We had over a hundred at the school with 8 caucuses going on (4 GOP and 4 Dem). There were 13 in our caucus, out of 198 registered GOP, that’s a 6.5% turn-out. Rather anti-climatic and apathetic if you ask me.

    Darling Daughter #1 was elected co-chairman of the precinct (although she’s never cast a vote, yet! but she is 18!) She was also elected as a delegate. Hubby and I are alternate delegates. We didn’t have to declare who we would vote for as Colorado is a non-committed state.

    We discovered after the caucus that 4 of the 6 elected delegates and alternates are Ron Paul supporters. So don’t believe it when the Associated Press reports that all of Colorado’s GOP delegates are going to Romney (leaves a bad taste in my mouth). Quite telling that McCain wasn’t supported in this heavily military and retired military state.

  3. Texas sits on its butt for a few more weeks. We don’t vote till March. Go, Ron Paul!!

    Heidi, I tagged you on my post today, and I don’t normally do memes, but this one is kind of fun!!

    ~Brea, the tinymama, just waiting to vote

  4. Yay husband! Yay Anja! Yay Ron Paul!!

    I cant wait to see what will happen in the next few months! I wont jump back on my soap box – you can read back a few weeks for that!

    C’mon Texas – vote RP in!!!

  5. We don’t know each other but I came upon your blog by an internet search. So nice to see another Ron Paul supporter and that your husband is a delegate!!!

    My daughters and I got to hear him speak and meet him in person as he signed our three books. (My husband couldn’t because of working.) The next day I got to push that button beside his name and I will write in his name this November if I need to.


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