Flat Stanley visits Japan

Charlie took Flat Stanley to Japan this week! Well, he virtually took him there. Charlie has been to Japan, though, for the record. TWICE.

I’m going to post Stanley’s photos here, and Charlie will tell us an amazing story to go with them in the comments section. I’ll admit that I am somewhat sad that I can’t even begin to compete with either Charlie’s travels or his Photoshop skillz. Huzzah for Chuck! And for FS Friday! (For those of you using Google Reader, this may get messed up the first time, so click to my site.)

Flat Stanley 2-08

One thought on “Flat Stanley visits Japan

  1. An amazing story? Jeez… I don’t have any of those. I’ll have to make one up.

    These pictures are not Photoshopped. And I didn’t virtually take Stanley anywhere – it’s actually a huge coincidence that you are doing this Flat Stanley thing, because we actually met him in Japan. I’m just glad I hadn’t deleted the pictures yet.

    The first picture is Stanley in the water off the island Miyajima – which is a 20-minute ferry ride from Hiroshima. This island was full of monkeys and deer… and tourists. It was the second most tourist-y place that we went to, second to Hiroshima. Anyhow, you know how annoying tourists are. We were trying to take a picture of the torii (that red gate in the water), and this jerk was splashing around in the water trying to get into peoples’ pictures. I think he was drunk. Anyway, we couldn’t get a clean shot, so we just took one with him in it. I actually need to Photoshop him OUT of the picture so it looks nice. Jerk.

    The second picture is a little shrine in the garden outside of Okayama Castle in Okayama City. The garden was amazing – full of really beautiful plants, flowers, ponds, etc. There were cranes standing all around eating or sunning themselves or playing bridge or whatever, and a little gnome that was stealing food from them and trying to climb on top of them (for a ride? I hope so). We thought he was so cute that we decided to take a picture. We convinced him to pose by bribing him with some chocolate. Anyway, it wasn’t until we got home and looked through our pictures that we saw the uncanny resemblance. Freaky, I know.

    This is all true.

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