Photo Time!

Okay, friends. Here I am, laying myself bare. I am into a new hobby, and I have put up a few photos from my first trepidatious (not a word) weeks with a much-bigger-than-I-am-used-to camera. That said, I want your honest opinions on what I’ve posted, your hints and helps for what I could do better, and anything else you have to say. No need to be nicey-nice. I am here to learn.

Keep in mind that it is -20 outside, and thus far all my photography has taken place in my house, which, consequently, doesn’t have any good light from the north. Also keep in mind that these photos don’t look nearly as cool in a wimpy Picasa album as they would on a super-charged website of my own, or even a Flickr account (which I might have to break down and get). Without any further excuses, click on this (for best viewing, click on the slideshow option):

The Nice Ones

Feel free to make comments here or on the photo site. Thanks so much for your valuable input!


14 thoughts on “Photo Time!

  1. All of the photos are nice. The lighting is good, even for inside shots.

    I have no hints or techniques, since I myself just got a much nicer camera than I have ever previously owned. So, I’ll read the tips and hints from your comments and use them myself.

    I will say, that when I have lots of random pictures of one subject, I like to create a collage – like this one

  2. Great job, Heidi!! Love them all…I would have liked to see one even closer of the baby’s face. You could try having her face fill up almost the whole frame.

    I also really liked the piano one. You could try some more from different perspectives of the keys (closer, up above, etc.) I guess you can only do so much with a keys that don’t move but you know what I mean. And I agree with the above comment…the lighting is good even with inside shots. I like to get the kids right next to a window sometimes for even more dramatic lighting on one side. I think that’s fun.

    Oh and I tried the ISO stuff. Kind of cool in low light, to set it on a higher ISO (did I even say that right?) But my low light photos inside still turn out kind of red. Really red, actually.

    I can’t wait to see more!

  3. HEY! I LOVE your pictures! They’re absolutely gorgeous! I would put them on MY wall. šŸ™‚ Anja is looking so grown up. I’m so happy you have this site – I didn’t even realize you had one! I will definitely be a frequent visitor from now on. Who does Anja look like? I see a lot of your husband in her – but I could be wrong. She’s beautiful!

  4. I agree – that piano shot is beautiful.

    And not the topic, I know, but look at that orange paint colour! I love it – I’d love to see the whole room (given that I’m immersed in paint chips right now in varying shades of orange).

  5. One, Three, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen and really, really great!
    (I think you are off to a fantastic start in general)

    But those five have excellent even light on your beautiful girls face and well….the eyes in 13 and 14 are out of this world!!!

    Find the “A” on your camera.
    Learn how to set your aperature nice and wide.

    This will blur the backgrounds and keep the focus on your gorgeous child.

    You are doing great. Don’t be so shy!!!

  6. Charlie, it was intentional – thats our darling Scarlett! She has a whole dictionary!

    Hon these are fantastic. I would like to suggest maybe a better model. This one just aint cuttin it! (hehehehehe, you know I am kidding!!!)

    I agree, a few more really close ups.

    I too would hang her on my walls!

  7. Love the piano one! And the one where Anja has her lavendar sock in her mouth. I enjoyed them all. As someone said, don’t be so shy about sharing, you’ve got a good eye.

  8. What a doll! She is just beautiful. šŸ™‚

    And regarding the photos, I think you are off to a terrific start. What kind of camera are you using, if you don’t mind my asking? SLR or point-and-shoot? I’m no expert in photography, just an enthusiastic hobbyist, so take all of my comments with a grain of salt.

    My favorites are 3 and 13. Three is just a cute composition (although if you try it again, try to keep those tootsies in there!) and 13 has great eye contact and good light (no shadows on the face.) Your focus in #13 looks great, too. One thing I aim for when photographing my own kids is sharp, crisp focus — and in any kind of portrait photography, always focus on the eyes!

    I’ll tell you what helps me the most in my photography–visiting (I Love Photography). It’s a forum of professional and amateur children’s photographers, so there is a wealth of information in the archives alone that explain the basics of photography in a way that books just… don’t. I had my dSLR for months before I found it, and after spending some time there my photos improved dramatically. (Still have a long way to go, though.)

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I wish the pics of my kids in their earliest months of life were half as good.

    Oh by the way, I have a Flickr account and I LOVE it. Totally worth $25/year. I use it mainly to share photos with family, but it has also become a back-up back-up for some of my favorite photos. šŸ™‚

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