Photo follow-up

Thank you all for your kind words and tips. I have a few questions and comments for you now, if you don’t mind answering them…

Texas Erica – How do I make a collage? Is that something you did using Blogger? I’ve seen people do Flickr ones, too

emily and Lori – I’ll try do a few more of her face close-up. She has a funny rash right now so it might be awhile before I get one that I want to post. I’ll have to read about ISO and play around with that a little…

Canada Erica – Anja is a mix of us both from what we can tell. My eyes, Husband’s eyelashes, neither of our noses, we both have dimpled chins…she’s a bit of a hodgepodge.

To everyone who liked the piano shot – What is it about that shot that you like? I’m trying to figure out what emotions it evokes and what it is that makes it stand out to you as “good.”

Miz Booshay – Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep trying!


4 thoughts on “Photo follow-up

  1. Heidi, I use the simple (LAZY) version – Corel Photo Album 6. This software has 20 or so collages to choose from and you drag and drop to the spot. Soooo easy! I’ve attempted a free-hand collage one time and I swore it off after that.

    (The software is an editing/storage software, much like Picasa, but more detailed. I use Picasa for everyday usage, and the Corel software for more detailed editing.)

  2. The piano shot I imagine evoked different responses in the various people who liked it.

    For me, my mom and two of my daughters have spent enormous amounts of time on the piano entertaining themselves and those around them as well as learning new ways to play. The delight it has brought to all of us seemed to be brought out in the warmth of the picture. That was due to lighting and the subject itself — the piano’s wood tone as opposed to a different piano whose coloring might have been metallic, black or something else. The angle was also nice, I thought, as it viewed the piano from a different perspective than from other photos I’ve seen.

    Was that helpful? As you can tell I am not a photographer!

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