Still Searching…


Back by popular demand (does my own thrill at what people type in to find my blog count as “demand”?), answers to those of you who found my blog by searching for the following:


Depraved mom

Yes, yes I am.

when apple computers were made

I do not know. But many early MECC games were made in Minnesota!

substitute mother issues

Again with the substitute mother. Perhaps the fact that she’s a substitute is contributing to your “issues”?

rad apple

From a gnarly tree.

Stirrup pants soccer

If this is a new sport, please don’t sign me up. I have had enough of stirrup pants, and I never want to see them again.

Girbaud taped jeans

Now that was a fad that never made it to MN – taped jeans.



pressure on holidays and moms

More on moms than on the holidays themselves…

myspace graphics that say sweet pea

I do not, I will not belong to myspace. But I have a sweet pea. Her name is Anja.

“naked” joshua tree

Why would you want to see them naked? They belong to the plant kingdom.

daddy why will you not spend time with u

Here could be a reason…



7 thoughts on “Still Searching…

  1. The things that get people to my blog are rather disturbing sometimes and I prefer not to think about them. 🙂 Very nice blog – love your photos. I am going to be lazy and instead of looking for a post about, just ask what camera you use. Bookmarking you for future visits!

  2. I emailed dlyn this answer, but in case anyone else is wondering, I have a Canon Digital Rebel. Actually, it’s not mine; it’s Husband’s. But he is kind enough to let me blow the dust off and borrow it. 🙂

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