Daily Photo

Baby 3 021308

Originally uploaded by MNMomBlog

I did it!  I signed up for Flickr.  Also, I’ve decided I’m going to try to post a daily photo for critiquing–I’ve practiced a few more since yesterday. Here is one of my favorites.  To view other photos from the same day, click on the image and see the set it belongs to (today’s date). Comments not only welcome, but appreciated!!


10 thoughts on “Daily Photo

  1. I swear I make the exact same face when Big Daddy starts talking to me about math.

    I love this picture!!! Please tell me you eat her nose. I would so eat her nose. And…I might do fart noises on her cheeks, do you do that? If not, you’re missing out, those are some good fart cheeks there.

  2. HA! You guys are funny. She probably does get sick of being photographed. Unless it’s the point-and-shoot. Then she tries to grab it. I don’t think she’s quite figured out the big camera yet. Maybe when she’s older I’ll convince her it’s taking pictures of her brain…

    You know, I don’t know if I’ve given her cheek raspberries. I do it on her neck and belly, but I’ll have to give the cheeks a shot. They are chumbly (a Husband word), aren’t they?

  3. Oh my goodness, that is a WONDERFUL picture! The lighting and color are fantastic, and as for the subject, well…obviously it’s hard (impossible) to go wrong with THAT!

    I’m looking forward to your photos!

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