A little dose of reality…

After watching the finale of Dance War(t) (because truly, people, this whole season has just been a wart on the face of television history…welcome back, WRITERS), I was inspired to post about reality TV. I have not experienced much of it. But here’s my take on what I have seen:

Best Reality TV:

What Not to Wear – Clinton and Stacy have the best comebacks. I heart their SASS!

Dancing with the Stars – Tom Bergeron could possibly be the best reality host ever. He is a hoot. And I always love watching and pretending I could ever be that graceful.

Survivor – Isn’t this one of the first reality shows ever? I didn’t start watching until Season 8 (All Stars), but have watched every season since. Who’s your favorite? I have to go with Tom Weston and Ozzy.

Jon & Kate + Eight – Just found this one recently, but I love the give-and-take between Jon and Kate (though she can be a bit witchy at times).


Worst Reality TV (feel free to debate me on this):

Trading Spaces – Were those designers for real? I remember one episode where Doug turned someone’s bedroom into a “Prison of Love” with fake bars on the windows and faux painted concrete block walls. I wouldn’t even do that to a child’s room, much less an adult bedroom.

Big Brother – To be fair, I have only seen this show close-captioned while running on a treadmill at the gym, but it always seems like a bunch of whiners doing stupid stuff in a cartoon-y house.

The Bachelor, Age of Love, Flava of Love, any other show that attempts to find someone a mate by going on a bunch of short, shallow dates – Synopsis of all these shows = “Hey, you’re hot. Let’s go bungee jumping. I think I love you. And I love her..and her…and her…and her…and her…”


Take all my reviews with a grain of salt. I haven’t REALLY watched television since 1997, when I was addicted to Nick at Nite. The only TV I watch now is full episodes that can be viewed on the internet while I nurse or pump.


What are your favorites/not-so-favorites?


11 thoughts on “A little dose of reality…

  1. I’m ashamed to admit, but my husband and I are Big Brother watchers. Got hooked on it back in Season 2 the summer I was pregnant with my oldest kid and pretty much homebound because it was so stinking hot outside. So, since then, we haven’t missed it. The reality is though, that it is a house full of whiners who live in a cartoon-ish house.

  2. Oh, and I HATE The Bachelor – I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of Survivor…but that’s just cause I haven’t even watched a full episode in my life. So maybe if I actually took time to watch a couple I would like it. Or maybe not. 🙂

  3. I love reality tv.

    But when it’s bad it’s horrid. I, who love all things dance, could not watch that bruno, carrieann show, it reeked!!!

    My very faves are…. (here goes…don’t hate me)
    Survivor, Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model (which I can’t stop watching…like a train wreck), Dancing with the Stars, and Biggest Loser.

    I just caught Kate and Eight…or whatever it’s called… and she is bossy.

    I don’t like cheep designer shows. If they can spend 50,000 to do over a kitchen , I’m game to watch.

    Oh yeah. I like House Hunters too. And House Hunters International.

    Oh. And Baby Story.


    You can lock me up and throw away the key now.


    ( I should save this for Most Embarrassing Moment)

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