My 100th Post

In bloggy tradition, I am posting “My 100 Things” because this is my 100th post. To me, this seems a bit narcissistic. It took me a looooong time to even think of 100 things about myself to write down. Husband had to help. I am going to slide it in here quickly and go on to another post in hopes that you won’t think me completely self-absorbed. But I have to admit, it was fun for about this first 38…after that, I was scrounging. So here it is!

My 100 Things

If you don’t read it, I will not feel bad.

2 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. 2. Seriously? Your middle name is Marvel? That is just amazingly cool.

    9. Mine too. Have you read his short stories for adults? They are intense!

    16. I’m sure it does. I don’t think much would look bad!

    20. Bleh!! Never liked any Jessica that I knew.

    34. That’s cool. Can you draw me up some house plans?

    45. That’s just plain weird.

    63. LOL

    70. Given #69, I think we could have safely assumed this one.

    91. Me TOO!! I hate the little TP pillows that DH hands the kids. So wasteful! And weird.

    100. Amen.

    I loved reading them all! I’m going to have to buckle down and try to come up with my own…

  2. I love your blog!
    I just wish I had visitors like you! 😀
    Oh well…I couldn’t have wrote 100 things about myself…way to hard…Anyways, I am going to try when I reach a 100 post! 😀

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