The Demise of Fries

Husband and I were going to pick up our car from an oil change the other day and we passed McDonald’s.

“Look at all the people in the drive-through!” I exclaimed, pointing. “It’s Sunday morning at 9:30. What are they doing?”

Husband looked at me and said, “Weird, isn’t it? I forget McDonald’s exists.”

“Yeah, me, too,” I said. “Since we never go there, it’s as if it died long ago.” Turning back to face the store, I murmured, “McDonald’s, you are dead to me.”

Even with all their attempts at luring people in with “healthy” food (Apples with the skin cut off soaked in preservatives and put in a bag are not healthy, FYI. Do NOT feed them to your children. Though they might be a slightly better choice than potatoes with the skin cut off deep fried in grease…), I am not tempted. Burger King, Hardee’s (do they even exist any more?), Taco Bell…you’re all in the same place. Restaurant oblivion.


9 thoughts on “The Demise of Fries

  1. Ugh. I so wish that were the case here at our house. It’s not a regular thing, but when we are traveling the golden arches are familiar and ubiquitous. They always have clean bathrooms. That’s a biggie.

    My kids have classmates whose parents bring them Happy Meals at lunchtime. I think that is insane for so many reasons.

  2. You are dead to me. Bwahaha!
    My daughter has admitted she only wants to go there for the toys and the food is yucky. She’s 7.

  3. In re-reading this I decided it sounds a bit pompous, like we’re the world’s healthiest eaters. Not true. We splurge on the occasional burger (Red Robin = yum), order pizza sometimes, and if there’s a cookie in sight, it will soon NOT be in sight.

    But the rest of the time I’m doing my best to eat healthy and feed my family healthy foods as well. I just got the cookbook “Vegan with a Vengeance.” Haven’t tried anything yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes…have a feeling I’ll be adapting some of the recipes to be more vegetarian than vegan.

  4. Amen, sister! The only thing that would compel me to voluntarily eat fast food would be if starvation were the only other immediate option. Yuck. Just say “NO” to grease as a flavor.

    I’m not very health conscious though, I’m afraid. I have a Tazo Chai most mornings, take very little prodding from family members to make a batch of cookies, and make homemade pizza far too often. Oh well.

    I’ll be healthy vicariously through you and your vegan cooking. 🙂

  5. Hahahaha…I’m not sure why I read your title as

    THE DEMISE OF FLIES… but I did… and I was trying to figure out how that related to fries!

    lol… and then I reread the title!

    We don’t go to many FF places. Maybe once a month.


  6. It’s a necessary evil at our house. Each Wednesday, I haul the girls there to eat dinner (after school and before ballet.) No time to go home and barely enough time to eat anywhere else… believe me… I’ve tried. Although, I might try a cafeteria today… as if that actually tastes better… {sigh}

  7. Erica,

    Ever heard of a crockpot? You can make a choice to eat healthy if you would invest in one of those beauties. Plus, a crockpot meal is cheaper, too!

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