Can’t Get Enough

Of this baby…Rollin' 022708

She brings such joy to our lives.  Her laugh makes me want to jump and clap (sometimes I do).  She has reached a new level of curiosity that enthralls me.  Everything must be reached for, touched, sucked on, explored…

I took the little support-y pad out of her bathtub yesterday and just let her sit in the water and play.  She LOVED it!  She wanted to go back in when I took her out.

She has a mild obsession with ribbons and tags.  Most babies do, don’t they?  Isn’t that why they attach brightly colored ribbons to so many toys and make those “tag” blankets with loops around the edges?  She has this amazing Baby Einstein gym that has toys dangled all over it.  I tied a red ribbon on it, and she spends 50% of the time playing with the ribbon.  Hopefully she’ll always be this easy to please!

She has started rolling back to front, which pleases me to no end.  I’m hoping she’ll wait a couple more weeks to start crawling (her daddy did at this age!), as the house is not yet baby-proofed.


11 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough

  1. YES tags are always the absolute, definitive favorite part! My babies would ignore every fancy gee-gaw on any given toy and go straight for the “exterior 100% polyester/made in china, etc” scrap of satin.

    That baby is the picture of perfection. You have every right to be besotted!

  2. The first two years of life are so much fun, as everything is new to them and interesting and waiting to be explored. Carpet fuzzies and belly button lint are every bit as awesome as a glorious sunset.

    Your little girlie girl is cute as a button. Seems to me she already has the whole how to be charming thing down pat. She looks so lovely dovey in every beautiful photograph… you’re in trouble. Now it’s, “I rolled over! Aren’t I cute?” Next it will be, “I just made a mural on the living room wall with your lipstick. Aren’t I cute?” 😉

  3. I love that you’re enjoying your time with that sweet baby girl. It only happens once – you seem to have an awesome grasp on that fact! It was so hard for me to do that with my first, and now I find myself forgetting what he was like as a baby… 😦

    You’re pictures are always gorgeous.

  4. Thanks, folks. I just love her smiley eyes, Randi. Her daddy has the same thing. When he gets really happy, his eyes form into little rainbows. He probably hates it, but I’ve always called them his “rainbow eyes.”

  5. Start prepping now! My friend who’s baby boy is the same age as Anja learned to roll a few weeks ago. On Monday when she picked him up after work Daycare told her he started crawling that day.

    They grow up fast!!!


  6. I’m still fascinated by ribbons and tags. You could put a pretty ribbon on a bag-o-poop and I would buy it.

    Soooo, when she looks at you like that, do you just sit and stare and stare at her, or do you have to throw a blanket over her so you can break eye contact and get some house work done?

  7. I wanna scoop her up and cuddle her. I will be sure to wear lots of ribbons on the back of my head so she will want to hug and snuggle since I know you said she is not a cuddler! 🙂

  8. Hi there,

    I just stumbled across your blog from a comment you left on Scarlett’s blog. Your baby is so cute, and you take some nice pictures.

    Take care,

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