Bad Poetry Monday – 10

Ode to Lidy

high paws
circling the tail
of the
wonder and curiosity

eyes so believing and unaffected

Oh the rapture
the bliss of
her pet
that I wish
was mine

If you’d like to read a good poem today, go here.


5 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Monday – 10

  1. Big Daddy is Political
    He can even be analytical

    Yesterday he commented on Ron Paul
    But before we went to church, I hadn’t read it at all

    During the worship that was so good
    Big D asked if I had read his post like a good wife should

    I said “No, I was running late.
    He said, “That’s fine, but I thought it was great.”

    He then told me he wrote about the political scene
    I worried and hoped he didn’t say anything mean

    He saw the concern and fear on my face
    Knowing politics don’t belong on my place

    “Don’t worry, if anyone is mad I’ll take the fall”
    “I only mentioned one guy, it was Ron Paul”

    “Oh, no!” I thought as the fear crept in
    I couldn’t help but worry about my Minnesota friend

    Big D is a good guy just feeling sad
    The guy we wanted is doing so bad

    So my Minnesota friend please don’t be mad at me
    I didn’t have time to proof read his post you see

    I think you are great and classy
    And you know I am a fan of your girl who is sassy

    Ignore Big Daddy and his political tomatoes
    He’s just bitter about Idaho and all its potatoes

  2. Scarlett–too funny. I wasn’t offended at all, so no worries!

    Amber–thanks for the link. It seems to only have one post so far, but all you Fargo-lovers can go check it out if you’d like!

  3. ***blush blush!!!***

    Feel free to use my crumpets poem for the opposite effect some Monday, if you like! ;o)

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