It got up to 47 degrees here today in the Twin Cities.  People are out for walks, coatless.  I see car windows down as folks drive by.  Guys at work have switched to short-sleeve shirts.  It’s great!

Oddly enough, there is one thing for which that the harsh Minnesota winters are good…making 47 degrees seem like a balmy paradise.


6 thoughts on “47!

  1. I grew up in the Midwest, and my sister and I would beg and plead with my mom to wear shorts/t-shirts as soon as it got above 50 degrees. My mom insisted it be at least 65 before we went outside dressed for summer, so we spent many a spring day dialing Time and Temperature, waiting for the recorded voice to give us the news we longed to hear so that we could raid our summer wardrobes.

    By the way, it is currently (as of 10:13 p.m.) 69 degrees out. I kind of miss the change of seasons though, instead of Hot, Really Hot, and Warm. Oh well.

    Enjoy your heat wave! 😉

  2. Until the other shoe drops on Monday! I still dont think it will be snow. C’m on! We have suffered long enough! Although, history (at least the last 7 years – I know this because for 7 years this weekend has been hubby’s safety meeting) proves that we get pounded this weekend. Last year we had almost 25″ of snow down here. I dont think it was as bad up there, but crimeny a river, we are due one more wallop! I hope it doesn’t happen because my bff from LA is supposed to be coming the week after Easter to TC and I want to come up!

    HI MOM!

  3. My thermometer said 50 when I got home yesterday. BOOYA. This morning it’s 30 degrees. I walked in this morning with a polo shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. So glad winter is disappearing!
    I took a gamble and didn’t shovel when it snowed earlier. Decided that I’m not going to shovel any more this year. It looks like I won… the driveway snow is long gone. You can even see grass in the yard.

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