The LifeTech Center

My mom wasn’t really here to visit ME this past week.  She was here to watch my alma mater (can one say that about a high school?  Or just a college?) play in the state basketball tournament.  We ventured such fun places as Williams Arena and the Target Center.

Yesterday’s game was at the Target Center.  I don’t believe I’ve ever been there, so I was excited to accompany her.  Plus I love me some basketball!  Anyway, I checked out their website to see what is considered contraband and noticed that they have a “Parents’ Room.” Great, I thought, now I won’t have to nurse Anja in the car!  Since it was merely a high school tournament and not a big concert or a Timberwolves’ game, I decided to call ahead to ensure that the room would be available.  Unfortunately, they told me, it would not be open.  But, the lady continued, if I would stop by Guest Services, they would direct me to the LifeTech Center, and I could nurse her there.

Satisfied, I hung up the phone and packed up my mom (she doesn’t require much packing) and Anja (she requires quite a bit of packing).  We arrived downtown with little hassle, parked in a ramp and made our way through the skyways (God love ’em) to the Target Center.  Mom got us some tickets, we found seats and got settled in, and I took Anja with me up to Guest Services.

“Go down the hall to Section 116, and it will be on your left,” said the cheerful GS lady.

Section 116 was on exactly the opposite end of the stadium, close to where I had come from.  I trekked over there and could find nothing labeled “LifeTech Center,” but I did see a First Aid station with two guys eating at a table.  I asked one of them if they could point me in the right direction.  The guy closest to me gave a quick glance to the other guy and said, “Oh, yeah, um…just let me grab a key.  It’s actually right here.”  He walked out of the First Aid room and took a couple of steps to the left, unlocked a door, and led me inside.  Apparently LifeTech Center is another name for a dirty.   handicapped.   men’s.   bathroom.

I must have been looking around in a bit of shock, because he mumbled, “Uh, let me get you a chair.”  THANKS, kind sir!  Because where was I supposed to sit?  On the filthy toilet?  He returned shortly with a chair.  I found a semi-clean spot to set the diaper bag: on top of the paper towel dispenser.  Anja, in her curious way, was trying to reach out and touch everything, which frightened me, the fairly germ-conscious mother.

I nursed as quickly as possible and managed to get out of there having only touched the door lock.  Hopefully it’s the only time in my life that I’ll have to nurse a baby in a room with a urinal.


7 thoughts on “The LifeTech Center

  1. Oh my goodness! What a day! I, too, have nursed in places that I would never want to nurse in again! Do you ever use a blanket in public in a quiet corner some place? I got more and more comfortable with nursing in public as time went on – but I know it isn’t for everyone…and I know some people are offended when they see a mother nursing (covered by a blanket) in public. I, quite frankly, don’t understand that one.

  2. Ewww!! I’m sorry! That really stinks! (probably really did, too)

    I remember doing that with my first baby too – trying to be discreet and polite. But you know, the more babies you have, the easier it becomes to just whip it out and feed ’em wherever you may be! 😉

    I am actually surprised that the Target Center doesn’t provide better accomodations. Surprised and disappointed.

  3. You know, I don’t know if I’ll ever make the leap to nursing in public. I am VERY attuned to others’ feelings, and I know it makes some people uncomfortable/squeamish.

    I’m not offended by mothers who nurse in public myself, but I just think it has to be hard for those who are bothered by it. The only people who have seen me nurse are my husband, my mom, and various medical personnel who helped me during delivery. Yay for that nurse with the stuffed boob who led “nursing class”!

  4. Hey! Great story…I’ve nursed in gross places, but you might have topped all here! You are a fantastic writer. Anyway, I tried to respond back to your comment to me, but your email wasn’t attached. So here I am again! I’d love to stop back and give you photography pointers…but you also look like you’re off to a GREAT start by yourself! Oh, and we could stop back and forth to each other, and offer nursing in public/public bathrooms stories, cuz I’ve got plenty! I have a three year old, a one year old and a five month old! Oh, and a family blog. That’s what I was getting at. Check us out at Later!

  5. Me. Again. Under my “alias.” Hah! I don’t often connect my photog blog with my family blog. But, anyway, didn’t know how to make a link in my other comment. So. I came again. Happy Easter!

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