Bad Poetry Monday – 11

Oof–barely still Monday!

This winner makes my “not quite so strange as I was in high school” self want to barf.  I found it while looking for the glorious beauty that is my Ode to Pop Tarts.  Couldn’t find that lovely poem, so here is one to placate you, the masses (read: two people) who actually visit my blog on Bad Poetry Mondays.

Not only did I write bad poetry, but I apparently suffered from some punctuation-related illness.

The Music

The music resonates in my ear —
This music of the night —
The song calls me to dance —

My partner is the moon.
I lead.
Every swirl and step —
Is music in itself.
Gracefully we glide —
Forever —
Because the Music never stops

4 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Monday – 11

  1. He he, I love that you *led* when you danced with the moon. Now THAT is power.

    I wasn’t much of a poet, but I did pen one or two monstrosities during that time of life. (And for what it’s worth, I still suffer from punctuation-related illness.)

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