And Searching Some More…

Back by popular demand (does my own thrill at what people type in to find my blog count as “demand”?), answers to those of you who found my blog by searching for the following:

winter nipples

actually,I thnk you’re looking for Scarlett’s blog…

naked climbing

man, Scarlett, are you sending your folks over here?

minnesota mom blogs

You, my friend, have come to the right place.

grace bakes a cakes for his mom games

Grace is a boy? Husband likes a cakes.

flat stanley’s mom

He has a mom? Invite her over, too! She can eat cakes.

i’m beautiful

Man, I must be conceited.

values and policies of smacking

Values: a tasty lunch
Policies: only when substance is sticky

is donna fargo a tomboy or a girly girl?

That’s a toss-up. With a name like Donna, I’d guess girly, but with a last name like Fargo, I’d go for tomboy…

photos of me

Yes, there are some on my blog

sugar pink cupcakes


things in minnesota that start with y

Yankton Lake

what is there to do in winona Minnesota

I have only been there once that I can remember, and the three things I recollect are these:
1. We drove to the top of a tall rock that had a look-out point.
2. We ate at KFC (yuck).
3. My friend’s sister had some sort of honors orchestra thing there.

does anyone know how to gleak

Heck yes I do!

to grandmother’s house we go leisure art

Say what?


6 thoughts on “And Searching Some More…

  1. If your own thrill at what people search for that lands them on your blog counts as “demand” as much as MY own thrill as what people search that lands them on one of MY blogs counts, then I’d say, YES, it counts. Those are great.

    My recent fave on my family blog: what size shoe does Posh Spice wear

  2. Scaaaaary….I think “minnesota mom blog” was me. Seriously. I didn’t know the exact address name, so I googled what I knew the name was.

    …Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched…..?

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