April Fools gone Awry

Every year I try to pull off a really good April fool on someone.  This year it was the work folks.  See, I get into work a couple hours before everyone else, so I had some time.

Fool #1: Unplug the receiver from everyone’s phone

Fool #2: Rename a folder on a computer drive (one everyone uses on a daily basis) so that no one can find it

All was going well until a co-worker came and exploded at us (me and two other women who perform the same duties) because one of us (me) “corrupted all the files.”

Me: “I did it.  April fool’s!  Can’t I just change the name back and they’ll be fine?”

Co-worker: “No.  Nothing will link right and R’s having to fix it.”

Me: “I’m sorry.  Very sorry.  I’m going to go call her and apologize.”

She was snotty on the phone, too.  “I hope everyone’s estimates will work.”

I apologized again and again, hung up, and proceeded to get emotional.  After about 45 minutes of tearing up, fighting it off, and tearing up again, I’d had it.

I was down using the personal room (nursing moms who work can pump in there) and called my husband.  “They completely overreacted,” he said.  “All you could have done by renaming a file is screw up the mapping, which takes like 1 minute to fix.  Tell them they’re d-bags.”

While I didn’t do that, I felt a little better.  And I got reassuring emails from a couple of nice co-workers (including the one who blew up–he apologized) telling me that they thought I played good jokes.

Nevertheless, I think I’ll stick to fooling Husband next year.


5 thoughts on “April Fools gone Awry

  1. Oh no! That was a really great joke! That’s ridiculous that someone got so upset about it. It’s April Fool’s for Pete’s sake! If you’re feeling like you should make it better somehow, play another joke tomorrow that will get everyone in the kitchen and April Fool’s them with some homemade brownies or something. People can’t stay upset at someone who apologizes with food.

    I’m really sorry you had a yucky day. It will all blow over in no time, I promise!!

  2. What big babies…there are too many people who take life too seriously. Next time hit the Ctrl, Alt & the down arrow. it will turn their screen upside down! To get it back, hit Ctrl, Alt & the up arrow. Took awhile for my hubby to figure that one out.

  3. I think it was clever! But some folks apparently cannot laugh at themselves. Shrug it off. You meant no harm! Let them realize — whether now or later — that they over-reacted.

    Wonder what you’ll do next year? Does hubby know he’s the target?

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